Lamborghini AL1 Scooter Review

The scooter comes with abrasion and explosion proof brakes and tyres

Lamborghini al1 scooter review

Introduced in 2021, the Lamborghini AL1 Electric Scooter (Automobili Lamborghini 1) offers a rare chance for consumers to have a slice of the esteemed Lamborghini brand without breaking the bank, all for a price under £550. Crafted in a manner that mirrors the original Segway scooters, the AL1 incorporates a touch of Italian sophistication. It comes with a foldable design, making it a distinguished player in the market.

With its sleek and curvaceous appearance, the Lamborghini AL1 isn’t just visually aligned with Italian elegance; it also holds its ground in specifications. It features a conventional folding frame and delivers a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph), a travel distance of 25-30 km, and weighs 13 kg, positioning it close to the Xiaomi 1S in terms of functionality. Unlike the original Segway, the AL1’s 36-volt battery is housed in the base of the scooter. The dashboard is designed to provide various details, including the speedometer, battery life, riding mode, and even features Bluetooth connectivity. The scooter requires minimal assembly and is compatible with the well-received AL E-Mobility app.


In the increasingly uniform world of electric scooters, differentiation becomes a challenging task. Most designs share common attributes stemming from functional necessities, and manufacturing often involves collaboration with Chinese companies. Lamborghini’s entry into this market, the AL1, conforms to these basic requirements while introducing a design that some might find attractive. While aesthetics can vary widely based on individual tastes (and some may not be fans of Lamborghini’s car designs), the AL1 introduces a design direction that may resonate with a segment of users.

Lamborghini al1 scooter

The AL1’s frame is constructed from magnesium alloy, a departure from the more common aluminum found in other scooters. Magnesium offers a 33% weight advantage over aluminum, although this doesn’t translate into a lighter overall weight for the scooter. At around 13 kg, the AL1 is still slightly heavier than the Xiaomi 1S, its more affordable competitor. This discrepancy could be attributed to its 8-inch honeycomb tires.

Tire choice is a vital part of scooter design, and the AL1’s honeycomb tires offer a unique compromise between the commonly used pneumatic and solid rubber tires. While providing puncture resistance, they do not deliver the same level of damping or traction as pneumatic tires. Lamborghini has added front suspension with a hidden coil at the base of the handlebar stem, reminiscent of the original Segway ES2, possibly to compensate for the firmer ride associated with honeycomb tires.

Lamborghini al1 scooter

The AL1’s control system features a button/switch for both acceleration and braking, which some may find similar to Segway’s design, while others, like the Xiaomis, opt for bike-like brakes. The choice between these two systems can come down to personal preference, and the AL1 also includes a foot brake on the rear mudguard for additional safety in certain situations.

In terms of lighting, the AL1 incorporates a headlight, rear light, and side reflectors. An interesting design choice is a downward-angled headlight, possibly aiming to enhance visibility close to the scooter rather than over a longer range. This might minimize glare for drivers, though the practical impact of this design remains to be assessed. Additionally, the scooter features an ambient light that adds color around the scooter’s perimeter. Though some may see this as a mere aesthetic flourish, others might appreciate the added visibility and style.

Lamborghini al1 scooter

Lamborghini’s AL1 represents an interesting addition to the electric scooter market, embracing some industry standards while attempting to set itself apart with unique features. Its magnesium frame, honeycomb tires, and lighting approach show a willingness to experiment within a relatively established market space. How these features translate into long-term durability and rider satisfaction will likely become clear as more consumers put the AL1 to the test, comparing it not only to contemporary rivals like the Xiaomi 1S but also to future iterations from Lamborghini and other manufacturers.


A 350W brushless motor powers the AL1 and has a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph), with some sources even claiming up to 30 km/h. This speed is coupled with a range of 25-30 km and a quick charge time of 3 hours.

The honeycomb wheels are tubeless, which eliminates the risk of puncture, and with the added front suspension, it absorbs vibrations for a comfortable ride.

The Lamborghini AL1’s battery configuration offers some intriguing insights for those examining the scooter’s design and performance characteristics. The battery, rated at 36 volts and located within the scooter’s base, is not designed for easy replacement or upgrades. With a capacity of 7.8 Ah, translating to 280 Wh, it sits above the average in terms of energy storage for scooters in this class.

Further exploration of the AL1’s specifications reveals a motor with a rated power of 350 Watts, which also aligns with the higher end of the segment. However, Lamborghini’s stated maximum climbing angle of 12% might appear conservative when considering the robust battery and motor combination. This could lead one to anticipate a longer range from the AL1 based on its capacity.


The Lamborghini AL1 electric scooter combines style and performance with the credibility of a world-renowned brand. While the AL1 bears the “sexy badge” of Lamborghini, its specs and design are not just for show; they offer a balanced package for urban commuters or those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

While one may question whether they are paying more for the brand, the Lamborghini AL1 does not shy away from delivering on its promise of a stylish, functional, and environmentally friendly ride.

For consumers interested in a blend of luxury aesthetics and solid performance at an accessible price point, the Lamborghini AL1 might just be the perfect choice.