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A few months ago we published an article showing a very impressive render on the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 wearing a wide body kit in the style LB Performance is famous for, that same artist now created something similar for the Asterion.

Take a look at this purple wide body creation completely in style with what Japan based tuner LB Performance has been doing to countless Ferrari, Nissan, Porsche and Lamborghini … their latest Bull being the amazing looking blue Aventador they unveiled at SEMA recently.

So now this ‘rough’ style wide fender found their way virtually onto the one of a kind Lamborghini Asterion LPI910-4 hybrid concept, complete with those traditional rivets to mount the wide fenders onto the original bodywork, massive wheels and an extremely low riding height due to an adjustable ‘bagged’ suspension … all in line with the LB Performance treatment.

Naturally this is only a render, a fantasy of what could be done if Lamborghini would actually produce their high power hybrid model like this, which is not happening at this moment … but it is still nice to dream right?

Render copyright : Spoonboy at Deviantart