Lamborghini at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Lamborghini at 2022 goodwood fos 1

When you really want to admire some of the world’s most impressive supercars and hypercars, both in the static display and in action on a track, you’re bound to have heard about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, year after year we were able to admire the best of the best in the automotive world, with a little hiatus due to the worldwide pandemic, but other than that, at the start of the Summer, you’ll just have to book a trip to Goodwood in the United Kingdom, and just like last year, this 2022 edition didn’t disappoint, the gathered cars were just insane, and naturally, Lamborghini was present too, with their own stand, next to Ristorante 1963: Goodwood’s Italian restaurant named after the year of Lamborghini’s foundation, this year Lamborghini was showcasing the brand new Huracán Technica to the public.

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Inside the Lamborghini VIP hospitality, you could admire an absolutely stunning Huracán STO spec, Bianco with Blu livery, while on the wall Lamborghini showcased a small part of their color pallet available to customers, in the other corner some samples of leather, while you can sit down at a table and discuss you new Lamborghini spec with a representative, or just take a break in the salon while sipping some Prosecco from the bar, made in Italy naturally, and while these static displays look amazing, the real action at the Goodwood Festival of Speed happens in the supercar paddock and during the famous hill climb.

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Lamborghini came with an impressive series of cars to use during this hill climb, the swansong of the Lamborghini V12 engine was present, the impressive 780 hp Aventador Ultimae, but they also had both the Huracán EVO and STO taking a stint during the Goodwood FOS in a celebration of the naturally-aspirated engines before we’ll be seeing the first hybrid models from Sant’Agata next year, but there were also some truly track-specials on display too, a line-up of Lamborghini Squadra Corse cars including two Essenza SCV12 and two Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 were shown outside the exclusive Drivers’ Club.

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“Goodwood Festival of Speed is an iconic event celebrating automotive and motorsports creations, achievements, and the pure excitement of cars and bikes on road and track,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman, and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “The roar and emotion of aspirated engines, especially Lamborghini’s inimitable powerplants, continues to be a draw to so many enthusiasts: this year we especially celebrate Lamborghini engines even as we embrace a future heralding exciting technologies and engineering solutions as we continue on our route towards electrification.”

Make sure to check out even more photos below the official video from Lamborghini on the event at Goodwood:

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