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Prindiville, a London based design company that specialises in modifying high end super cars and SUV, has taken on the task of completely re-engineering the current Lamborghini flagship, the Aventador LP700-4.

Officially called the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Evo 1 by Prindiville Design, this car will be built on order only, and a production run that has been limited to 8 vehicles … with several being sold already by the time you read this.

You might think of the Prindiville Aventador Evo 1 as a first step towards an SV version, they managed to remove 75 Kgs from the overall weight and increased power up to 800 Bhp compared to the original 700 Bhp, a 15% increase according to Prindiville.

Note that Prindiville uses lightweight, aircraft graded carbon fiber for their replacement parts on the Aventador, according to this UK tuner they re-engineered over 80% of the panels used on the original Raging Bull, it might not look totally different, but details all over the exterior … and interior of this Aventador Evo 1 show slight modifications. Every line and form on the Prindiville Aventador has been designed with one function in mind … performance.

The entire front bumper of the original Aventador has been replaced by a carbon fiber unit that houses additional fins in the air intakes to show a more aggressive look, same for the large side sills, extra intakes along the bottom and again finished in the highest grade carbon fiber available … and let’s not forget about the roof skin. Another carbon fiber add on that will really make the Aventador Evo 1 by Prindiville stand out of the crowd no matter where you might encounter this extremely rare super car.

For the exhaust system Prindiville went for titanium while a full carbon fiber rear bumper replaces the original one, here also adding fins into the air outlets for style and function. Naturally a rear wing couldn’t be absent from this car, so Prindiville went for for a high standing, angular design finished in clear carbon fiber … you love it or hate it, but it sure looks nice on the white rendering they are showing on their website.

Just in case you aren’t satisfied with the brutal look on the outside Prindiville also offers an impressive package to upgrade the interior of this Raging Bull. From the smoothest leather over the best Alcantara to near perfect carbon fiber … just about everything is possible in this London shop.

Prices have been published online too, for the new front bumper you’ll have to part with £5,000, add £1,275 for the grills, another £6,000 for that impressive rear bumper, which also requires an additional £1,275 for the inset grills. Those carbon fiber side sills demand £5,000 from your bank account and while you are at it put aside £1,500 for the carbon fiber covers over the exterior rear view mirrors and £1,500 for the air intakes to be mounted on the engine cover … which are a must have don’t you agree ?

On the Prindiville site they also offer a modification for the doors on the Aventador, they mention a limited edition run of 25 vehicles (while they mention only 8 in the video ?) that can be fitted with ‘handleless power doors’ … this means you can have the doors open magically on their own by pressing a button on the remote control, if the Aventador itself isn’t causing a crowd, this will do the trick !

Still have some pennies left … take a look at the £5,500 stainless steel/titanium exhaust system that feels equally at home on the open road as on the secluded track day. This new system will increase performance by allowing more exhaust fumes to be released, add a modified ECU program and a new air filter into the equation and you will release more power from the V12 engine … that has naturally been detuned by the factory to allow more room for improvement in the future. Also note this Prindiville titanium exhaust shaves a healthy amount of pounds from the overall weight … so additional gain in performance. Don’t forget to add another £995 for the ECU remapping however, a necessity when adding the exhaust system, and considering the total bill we are putting together it’s a steal.

But let’s take a look inside now … remember the central console with the ‘start’ button ? Prindiville will put in a carbon fiber version just for you … after a £1,500 invoice naturally, add £330 for carbon fiber kick plates on the side skirt and why not have a 65% lighter roof fitted too ? At only £3,500 you can have the oem roof replaced by a carbon fiber version, either in dry version or high gloss finish … and they also offer an optional air intake on the roof, so don’t forget to ‘tick’ that box on the order form.

Don’t really appreciate those paddle shift levers behind the steering wheel ? No problem, replace them with carbon fiber versions too, however the top of the line in the catalogue is the ‘interior jewellery pack’ listed at a cool £10,000 that comprises new air vents made from high grade aluminium and different interior panels … all designed in person by none other than Mr Prindiville himself … the hand of the master inside your very own Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Evo 1.

In the unlikely event you are not impressed with the music made by the V12 engine just behind your ears you can ask Prindiville to install their £5,000 Entertainment upgrade, a new Satellite navigation system together with the essential DVD and TV receiver to keep you busy while attending the local car show. Email and internet connection is naturally also added together with 1,000 Watt Italian sourced amps and subwoofers built into their proprietary box … must sound like music to your ears if you are serious about your in car sound system.

Probably the last item on your invoice will be the custom made mats, for only £125 you can have them color coded to the exterior of your own Aventador, and you don’t need a technician of bodyshop to fit and paint them. Note that Prindiville can ship all these items or even a completely updated Evo 1 model to the United States, China, the UEA and Europe.
So if you are interested in getting an even rarer Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 do get in touch with Prindiville in London, the United Kingdom.