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Everybody agrees the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster is already a stunning looking car right from the start, and it does come with a rather impressive base price of nearly US $450,000 which might scare most of us away … but the grand total after a little spending spree with the factory original option list will push this price even further up … the car Lamborghini Houston received as one of the first custom order Roadsters came with an MSRP of nearly US $520,000 … even with the Destination Charge and the GGT (Gas Guzzlers Tax) you are still looking at about $70,000 in options alone, that’s more than many cars cost in total.

But the result is absolutely beautiful, this Aventador Roadster was ordered in a special Grigio Estoque metallic paint (a $2,490 option) over a warm brown Terra Dirce Elegante interior (another $2,250), just like the car to the right of the Arancio Argos Aventador back in 2011 in Geneva … a very subtle but beautiful combination of grey and brown … and the best is still to come.

Take a closer look at the interior of this car and you’ll notice there is a lot of carbon fiber used … in fact the option is called ‘Full interior carbon fiber package’ and comes at a steep $12,820, but it looks really good, I especially like the seat back completely wrapped in high gloss carbon fiber, the central console and door handles are also finished in this lightweight material … also note the door sill proudly shows ‘Aventador’ on a carbon fiber background too and the entire dashboard pod get a clear carbon fiber cover too.

A very nice option is the ‘Branding package with leather’ at only $1,130 which includes that nice chrome Lamborghini script on the dashboard in front of the passenger, but also the awesome embossed leather headrest showing the Raging Bull logo … a small detail perhaps, but it lifts the interior even further up.

And the option list for the interior isn’t finished yet, add another $4,200 to have ‘Fully electric and heated seats’ that do come in handy on colder winter days when you are about to sit down on a cold leather seat, so that’s a ‘comfort’ option anyway. Going for a ‘Multifunction steering wheel in smooth leather’ would set you back $700 more … but this car was ordered with a ‘Multifunction steering wheel with perforated leather inserts’ and that’s a $1,540 option instead … getting holes in parts of the steering wheel costs $840 in fact.

Additional options are ‘Homelink’ at $560, a ‘Sensonum Premium sound system’ at $4,200 and to make parking so much easier there is a ‘Park assistance’ option with sensors at the front and rear completed with a rear view camera (that’s the small black rectangle at the back underneath the Lamborghini script in case you are wondering) … price tag for some ease of mind when parking: $4,900.

And the list goes on for some special exterior options, how about carbon fiber air intake surrounds in the rear fascia and a carbon fiber lower diffuser … yours when you order the ‘Rear exterior carbon fiber package at $8,400. Naturally there is also a ‘Front exterior carbon fiber package’ at $6,190 that includes the front air intake surrounds and the center ‘fin’ … would be nice if the headlight sprayers wouldn’t stay matte black however, but there is one more option for the outside, ‘Exterior details in carbon fiber small’ comes at $3,380 and adds clear carbon fiber on the air vents in front of the windshield.

Probably a must have option on a Lamborghini Aventador are the magnificent looking Dione Forged wheels, 20 inch up front and 21 inch at the back … when going for the silver finish you are talking about another $6,780 added to the growing order sheet. Don’t like the original, black brake calipers … have them in red, orange, grey or yellow like on this car … adding $1,390 to the total, if you do order special shade brake calipers you should also get the yellow rear suspension springs at $1,390 to replace the standard black ones.

A final, but rather hefty option is the engine cover with glass insets … it will set you back $7,550 more in the end, but you have to admit it looks really amazing … and let’s face it, after taking delivery of your very own Aventador Roadster and enjoying yourself behind the steering wheel the cost of these options will quickly fade away in your memory.

In case you are wondering if this is a ‘full option’ configuration I have to disappoint you … it isn’t … the grey metallic paint at $2,490 looks like a bargain compared to the list price on the Pearl effect paints like Arancio Argos or Giallo Orion … and don’t even ask about the price for the Matt finish paints like Nero Nemesis or Bianco Canopus … a mat top coat is difficult to apply with no margin for error, and that is reflected in the price too which is a multitude of the metallic paint cost … and if you really want something special you can opt for an ‘Out of range’ color … at a price.

Other options also available are a ‘Carbon fiber engine bay trim’ and the ‘T-shaped engine cover in carbon fiber’ while the optional Dione wheels can also be ordered in a glossy black finish, making them just a little more expensive while for the inside this specific Aventador Roadster already has the Elegante option …. there is also an Elegante Plus option available at a premium.

Finally you have the option to get the Lamborghini warranty extension for the 4th year … and for the 5th year, which will push the total MSRP of your Aventador completely through the roof … oh yes, there is also an option to have the headliner and pillars on the interior finished in Alcantara … but this isn’t available for the Aventador Roadster.

This specific Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster was one of the first special order deliveries in the world, and it was shipped to Lamborghini Houston who published these photos on it, but also the original invoice stating an MSRP of $517,965 … but somehow I don’t think you’ll be able to drive away with it for this amount … the fact there is a waiting list of at least 18 months these days on the Aventador there will be a serious premium over this MSRP to call yourself the owner of one of the first privately owned Roadsters in the world.

Feel free to get in touch with Lamborghini Houston to make them an offer they can’t refuse … just don’t tell you bank manager about it …