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When you own one of the almost 3,000 Lamborghini Aventador that haven been made over the last two years and you would like to personalize it a little you have a serious problem on your hands … the number of tuners that offer aerodynamic parts and wheels for the current V12 flagship from Sant’Agata has been growing steadily over the last years.

One of the more renowned suppliers of custom wheels for high end exotic super cars has to be ADV.1, these days they call themselves ‘Official designer of the wheel industry’ … and you have to admit many of their custom made wheels are really beautiful … especially when mounted on our favorite cars from Italy … a Lamborghini.

When you order a Lamborghini Aventador from one of the authorized dealerships scattered all over the world these days you can keep the standard Iperione wheels on it, these measure 19 inch at the front and 20 inch at the back … or you go for the optional Dione wheels, which will be 20 inch and 21 inch respectively … most of the custom wheel manufacturers out there that offer rims to fit onto the Aventador keep the same size, 20 inch for the front axle and 21 inch to be mounted at the rear.

Keep in mind the Lamborghini Aventador has a four wheel drive setup, this means you can’t just change the setup of the wheels and tires on it … if you get it wrong you will end up ruining the driveshaft … so when ADV.1 wanted to take a different route for this white Aventador they did have to take into account the equation between the front and the rear.

ADV.1 wheels just released a very innovative set … measuring 21 inch up front and 22 inch at the back the ADV005 Track Spec SL series seen on this Bianco Lamborghini Aventador are custom made to fit … ADV.1 even puts a warning out there for other wheel companies: ‘do your research before you sell wheels in this size combo for the Aventador’ … I guess these aren’t just bolt on in the end.

None of the show cars we’ve seen before from ADV.1 come as a standard car with just a set of wheels added onto it … same with this Raging Bull: the ADV005 wheels have a ‘deep spec’ update for the rear units combined with high gloss polished dual spokes, a polished center disc and naturally polished lips … and that’s not even the most impressive feature on these wheels.

Take a close look at these ADV005 wheel … especially the nuts and bolts for the assembly of the outer and inner rim together with the center spider … these are made from titanium which is impressive on its own … but to make these wheels stand out even more this ‘hardware’ has been anodized in gold … just like the ADV.1 logo on the center cap.

To make this white Lamborghini Aventador look even more menacing ADV.1 not only added these stupendously beautiful looking wheels but also a set of Novitec lowering springs on OEM coilovers to move the Bull down to the road … the PUR Aero clear carbon fiber front lip now rides even closer to the concrete pavement while a Prestige Design exhaust emits a thundering sound from the V12 engine that has received a Zeus Flash ECU tuning.

I’m sure the owner of this specific Lamborghini Aventador is very, very proud of his Bull … and with reason, this is one seriously beautiful looking car … personally I would add a rear wing to make it absolutely perfect, but that is just my opinion … she looks breathtaking as she is right now.