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The sky is the limit is a very well-known phrase, even more so when it comes to high end super cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, the option list might not be too long, but the price quickly starts to climb once you tap into the Ad Personam programme from Automobili Lamborghini SpA if your bank account can support it, Ad Personam can create it for you but somehow I think the concept shown on this page just won’t get the go ahead in Sant’Agata, no matter how much Euro you offer.

Take a look at what can only be described as the longest Lamborghini Aventador in the world that is if it ever gets built, as right now this four door super stretch limousine edition of the current Lamborghini V12 flagship only exists as a 3D render, UK based Cars for Stars offers high end car hire in the United Kingdom is looking for an investment to create this one of a kind exotic limousine check out the video below to get an impression of how an Aventador that is able to seat up to 6 passengers in the back might look like:

The design of the original Lamborghini Aventador is kept for this stretch version but instead of having only two seats, this Cars for Stars Aventador limousine receives another pair of doors, still opening in the traditional Lamborghini way, and between the large front and rear doors we even see a fixed section this allows for three seats in the back facing forward, another seat sideways and two more facing backwards, all upholstered in black and orange leather. Naturally the finest crystal glasses, Champagne cooler and audio systems are found in the back of this very impressive looking car.

Somehow I don’t think they will ever find an owner of an actual Aventador to have his car cut in half, lengthened and strengthened to allow two more doors and a lot of room in the back I don’t think the carbon fiber monocoque will even be able to get modified like this without creating a totally new ‘tub’ from scratch which would put the price tag for this stretch modification in a totally different ballpark.

As much as I admire the time and effort taken by Cars for Stars to design this four door Aventador I have to be a bit skeptical on the fact of ever seeing this car materialize any time in the future a great idea that would take some serious work and a lot of money before it could be driven on the road but there might be another option remember the Countach Limousine?

Sure it was built from a replica and not from an actual Lamborghini, but it did offer four doors too, two additional seats in the back and stretched almost 6 meters from the front bumper to the rear wing so if anyone is thinking about creating an Aventador replica a super stretch version might just be possible. If it would be legal might be another matter however, but it would look really cool picking up your wife to be in a Lamborghini Aventador limousine.