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Over the last months we’ve seen a lot of renders published on how the new Lamborghini V10 model to succeed the Gallardo would look, some more believable than others, but most of them had one thing in common, they either looked like a street legal Sesto Elemento conversion or like an Aventador that was shrunk a little … this time however we found new renders made by Wild Speed based on the what we’ve all seen on the new Lamborghini V10 being tested on the open road and on the famous NurnburgRing in Germany … and you have to admit these new virtual creations do look rather nice.

With the Lamborghini Gallardo being in production for over a decade by now a successor is deemed long overdue by many but finally we’ve red confirmation about a 2014 replacement … will that be at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2014 or at the Paris Motor Show in September 2014 hasn’t been disclosed yet, but Stephan Winkelmann, CEO and President of Automobili Lamborghini SpA has confirmed the V10 successor will be unveiled in 2014.

While the name Cabrera has been used for the Gallardo replacement for a long time now, it isn’t totally sure the new V10 Lamborghini will wear this name, Huracán has been mentioned somewhere in the past too, while Deimos has been registered too lately … I wouldn’t be surprised if Lamborghini comes up with a totally different name by the time the car is shown to the public … it wouldn’t be the first time they pull a card like that.

No specifications are known at this moment, by we expect a V10 engine displacing at least 5.2 Liters with a power output of 600hp or more using a DCT transmission with acceleration figures in the 3.5 second range from 0-100Km/h and a top speed well over 300Km/h … with all the development that has gone into this new Lamborghini I’m sure it will be a true Raging Bull once again … just like the bigger V12 Aventador changed the exotic super car market forever the new V10 will do the same.