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I already wrote an article on the 30th Anniversary of the Lamborghini Diablo back in August 2020, but now Automobili Lamborghini Spa is celebrating this event too with a new press release and some photos of a get-together between a MY2000 Diablo 6.0 SE and an early Diablo 2WD model.

The story of the Lamborghini Diablo started back in 1985 already, when a successor to the legendary Countach was needed, Project 132 went through different designs before the Marcello Gandini was modified by Chrysler’s design team to become the Diablo that was presented in January 1990, the first two Diablo shown to the public were red and yellow.

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ta nice anecdote is in fact the diablo series is celebrating her 30th anniversary this year, but during the diablo production, in1993, the diablo se30 celebrated the 30th anniversary of automobili lamborghini spa that was founded in 1963, and the diablo would be the first lamborghini to compete in a one-make championship, first with the diablo svr, later on with the diablo gtr.
between 1990 and 2001, a total of 2,903 diablo would leave the factory gates at sant’agata, making it the most produced model in the history of lamborghini at that time, a record that would only be broken many years later with the murciélago and gallardo models.
a look at the production numbers of the various diablo models:
diablo 2wd (1990-1998): 873 units
diablo vt (1993-1998): 529 units
diablo se (1993-1994): 157 units
diablo sv (1995-1999): 346 units
diablo vt roadster (1995-1998): 468 units
diablo svr (1996): 34 units
diablo gt (1999-2000): 83 units
diablo gtr (1999-2000): 32 units
diablo 6. 0 (2000-2001): 337 units
diablo 6. 0 se (2001): 44 units