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Over the years we’ve seen various concept designs on a new Lamborghini, both from the Centro Stile in Sant’Agata and from independent, aspiring designers from all over the world … this gold-flaked GT Concept came from the latter category.

Alex Amnadze came up with the concept shown on this page, taking styling cues from legendary models like the Lamborghini Miura and Countach, but still closely based on the current Raging Bull V12 flagship, the Aventador LP700-4, especially at the front of his design.

The front air intakes in the bumper look very close to those used on the Aventador, so in line with the angular styling of Lamborghini models these days, also the small spoiler in between these intakes reminds us of the one seen on the Aventador … the ‘fins’ on the side of the front bumper look a bit strange in fact, could be functional, but I think they wouldn’t make it into production at Sant’Agata in the end.

The headlights used are also very similar to the Aventador units while the fenders hug the massive wheels very closely to flow into another air vent just behind the front wheels, which would lead us to believe we are looking at a front mounted V10 or V12 engine requiring cooling vents in that position … however the front really angles down steeply so we wonder if such an engine would even fit between the front wheels.

One thing that really looks odd are the exterior rear view mirrors way out on the front fenders … somehow these should be put back on the doors, that would make the overall impression of this concept a lot more balanced … and would work wonders for aerodynamic drag too probably.

There is a nice, angular indent on the doors that leads into a broad set of shoulders in this design, something similar was seen on the Estoque concept from Lamborghini a few years ago, it makes the car look really impressive and offers the option of a wider track at the rear … which improves stability at high speed, something worth while in a car with 600 hp … or more.

There are also air intakes on the side of this concept, however just behind the side window there is a small inlet … which puzzles us to be honest. The design shows a hatchback flow … or is it a mid-engine configuration after all … no information about this is given by the designer, and somehow the height up front looks inadequate to put a large engine in the front … on the other hand the air intakes to offer cooling for a mid-engine layout are rather small.

We do see a set of louvers at the back, sloping down from the roof … a style we’ve seen on the classic Miura, but do these cover an engine … or a 2+2 seating configuration perhaps? If this concept has the engine up front there would be enough room to squeeze two additional seats in the back … that would mean a 2+2 Lamborghini GT could be possible.

The usual Y-shape returns on the taillights too, not three LED sets like on the Gallardo and Aventador, but six on either side, add the large exhaust in the middle of the rear diffuser and you have a rather impressive rear deck.

So Alex shows us a Lamborghini Concept GT that takes some Aventador styling, adds a bit of classic Miura into the equation and puts an Estoque style rear on a high speed Gran Turismo that could very well have an engine up front … perhaps even a Hybrid, why not?

Naturally we will never be seeing this concept in rea life on the production line in Sant’Agata, the Urus SUV concept has already been delayed to at least 2017, the Estoque is on ice indefinitely by now and Lamborghini is working hard to get a Gallardo successor on the market … so adding a third model like this GT onto the production line is not a viable option anytime soon.

I wonder what we’ll be able to admire at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show in March next year … a first glance at the Gallardo successor ? I for only highly doubt that … perhaps yet another ‘special edition’ on the current Gallardo, or a totally innovative one-off like the Aventador J earlier this year … only time will tell, but I’m sure Automobili Lamborghini SpA still has some nice surprises for us down the line …