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Back in May we already published renders and information on what appeared to be a factory original aerodynamic kit for the Lamborghini Huracán, it has taken Automobili Lamborghini until today to officially announce this very package, together with two other ‘after sales packages’ as they call it.

These three Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini packages are available for both the Huracán LP610-4 and Huracán LP580-2 models, if they also fit the Spyder version hasn’t been specified, but we would think that shouldn’t be a problem for the aerodynamic kit and the center-lock kit, although the rear wing struts might be different for the V10 Spyder.

The aerodynamic kit
We’ve discussed this one earlier, but just in case you’ve missed that article we’ll go over the details again, this kit comes with a special front splitter that extends the original front bumper further forward and features vertical fins on either side for increased stability. Small fins actually ‘grab’ into the original air intakes of the front bumper while a stylish set of side sills connect the front wheels to the rear ones … at the rear a special lower diffuser is added and an imposing rear wing is also part of the kit.

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Made from strong, but lightweight composite material this ‘factory approved’ aerodynamic kit comes in a matte black finish and has been meticulously tested for safety and strength by Lamborghini to make sure this is the one and only factory approved kit for the Huracan on the market today.

The aesthetic package
Now this is a new one, we hadn’t seen any information about this before … in fact it is a custom designed livery showing a race inspired graphic. This kit comes in either glossy black, matte black or glossy red and consists of a pair of stripes that run all the way from the front of the Huracán to the back … and comes with color matching exterior rear view mirrors.

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If after a few months the owner gets tired of the look the entire package can be removed from the car again without leaving any residue behind … exterior paint finish is not damaged by these decals.

The center-lock kit
We have seen this kind of accessory for the Aventador before, a special kit that allows the fitment of track inspired center-lock wheels, now this is also available for the Huracán. These new wheels come in a ten spoke design inspired by the Super Trofeo wheels, available only in glossy black and ready to receive the 20-inch wheels from the Huracán they will be installed on.

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Do note that originally the Huracán LP580-2 comes with 19-inch Kira wheels, so you’ll have to upgrade the tires to be able to fit the new center-lock units.

For many owners it is important to use factory original parts and accessories, so by offering these three packages through the vast network of dealers (over 130 worldwide at the moment of writing in over 50 countries) these owners now have to option to distinguish their car from a standard model without affecting the factory warranty.