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Saturday, May 11 2013 marked the end of one of the most important and impressive events related to Lamborghini ever … the final day of the Grande Giro, a trip through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy taking over 350 Lamborghini cars from Milan to Bologna … in a timespan of four days this massive group of Raging Bulls would cover over 1,200 km to arrive at the factory in Sant’Agata as a celebration of 50 years of Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

During the amazing Gala Dinner on Saturday evening the participants could get hold of some very exclusive items during an auction of Lamborghini official automobilia, right in the middle of dinner service the very limited Veneno would drive between the tables onto the stage … and that wasn’t even the most impressive event.

Totally unexpected the lights went out and several hostess would guide a very special car onto the stage … the Lamborghini Egoista … a one-off special created by Walter de Silva as a birthday gift to Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

Only one of these Egoista will be made, and it isn’t offered for sale … so it will remain a dream to be driving by one person only … this is a mono-seat car, or should that be fighter jet for the road as it looks more like an airplane than a car, the orange tinted canopy actually tilts forward to allow access into the single, bright orange seat … facing a steering wheel without top or bottom section … this is a science fiction car years ahead of the competition.

After the Gala Dinner back in May the Egoista has been kept out of the public view … until now. For the 2013 edition of the Schloss Bernsberg Classics event Automobili Lamborghini SpA brought their Egoista to Germany for everybody to admire … and Philipp Löhman, photographer for GT Spirit managed to photograph this truly unique Raging Bull.

It sure looks different in daylight, the matte grey paint can really be admired under the sun while that orange glass canopy looks even more impressive … especially with that futuristic interior design, the pattern on the orange upholstery really puts this Lamborghini on a totally different level … I just hope they will show it at the IAA in Frankfurt next week too.

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