Tempting Lamborghini Electric Concept Teaser Video Out: Looks More Like A Crossover Than Sedan!

The 29 second teaser reveals the front horizontal headlights and slightly elevated ride height

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Lamborghini, the Italian manufacturer known for its high-performance sports cars, has unleashed a new teaser for its upcoming electric concept car. Set to debut on August 18 during Monterey Car Week in California, this 15-second video hints at a vehicle that might look more like a crossover than a traditional sedan.

The teaser video, rich in futuristic imagery, opens with a panoramic cityscape, followed by a woman lying on a circular platform, gazing at the stars. As an object flies through space and descends to Earth, the Lamborghini appears, its headlights illuminating the dark.

Comparing the latest teaser with the previous one, the new image shows the car’s stacked, horizontal headlights tilting inward, suggesting a departure from traditional Lamborghini designs. The elevated ride height, taller than most performance cars, casts more light underneath the vehicle, further hinting at a possible crossover design.

Design Elements and Speculations

Video source: LinkedIn

The Lamborghini concept’s profile features a flowing roofline with an angled section at the transition between the windshield and the roof. Smooth sides with sharp edges in the greenhouse, subtle creases below the beltline at the front and rear, large tires, and angular accents contribute to an overall look that’s more akin to the crossover Urus rather than a sports car like the Aventador or Huracan.

With the Urus outselling the Aventador and Huracan combined last year, it’s no surprise that the company might take inspiration from the crossover design. The Estoque-like profile with a rakish windscreen flowing into a long sloping roof, an expansive greenhouse, an adventurous beltline, and slender A-pillars adds to the intrigue.

Lamborghini described this concept as the “first prototype of our fourth series production car” in a previous announcement. According to Company CEO Stephan Winkelmann, the road-going model will be a 2+2 grand tourer and “much more daily usable” than other recent models. The final production model is slated to debut in 2028.

A Step Towards Electric Future

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will the first all-electric lamborghini in 2025 be an evolution of the estoque concept?

No mechanical details are available about the Lamborghini Electric Concept yet, but it’s clear that Lamborghini is steering toward an electrifying future. Sharing components with other VW Group electric offerings, the teased prototype previews what the company believes to be “something new and truly thrilling.”

The teaser’s cryptic “What if…” message could hint at Lamborghini’s first venture into the EV world. Positioned “at the top of its segment,” with promised “remarkable performance,” this new concept could redefine Lamborghini’s identity in the era of electric mobility.

With the debut of this intriguing electric concept only a day away, Lamborghini is fueling the curiosity and excitement of fans and critics alike. Will it be a crossover, and what performance capabilities will it possess? The answers lie just around the corner, and the world eagerly waits to witness Lamborghini’s next chapter unfold.

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