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Let’s get hypothetical for a moment, say you have a classic early series Lamborghini Gallardo tucked away in your garage, the original lines on the V10 Bull still look great, but you feel they are getting a bit outdated after ten years and you really like the more recent LP570-4 Superleggera edition.

But your Gallardo still performs nicely and you are reluctant to sell it at a loss and pay a serious premium to park a new LP570-4 Superleggera in the garage … so why not update the car you already own and make it look closer to the more recent evolution?

In comes DMC to the rescue, this German based tuner has made a serious name for itself over the last months with their very stylish Aventador Molto Veloce or Stage 1 kit, it immediately distinguishes a factory Aventador with a DMC tuned one without being totally obvious … apart from the rear wing perhaps. And DMC took it to the next level in late 2012 when they released the Aventador Stage 2 kit, also called the SV kit … a lot more aggressive at the front with Aventador J styling and strictly limited … only 10 DMC Aventador SV will be made, and not one of them will be the same shade.

Back to the Gallardo where DMC has their Soho kit available that features a new front bumper in aggressive LP570-4 Superleggera style, new side skirts  and a new lower diffuser at the rear … the entire kit can be ordered either in Kevlar/CFRP or in clear carbon fiber. Optionally DMC can deliver stunning looking clear carbon fiber exterior rear view mirrors that use original mirror glass and motors, an absolutely beautiful clear carbon fiber rear wing in Superleggera style and if you really are serious you can even swap the front hood for a lightweight carbon fiber unit from DMC … the carbon fiber craziness continues with replacement parts for the fins just ahead of the taillights on the early Gallardo, even the section in front of these fins behind the air intake on top of the ‘shoulders’ can get the carbon fiber touch.

The owner of the Lamborghini Gallardo featured on this page installed the basic DMC Soho kit consisting of the front bumper, side skirts and rear diffuser and ordered the optional rear wing too, the car itself got finished in a very nice dark grey matte finish while the entire roof section and rear view mirrors got a matte black finish that might not contrast too highly with the grey, but it still is different enough to get noticed.

Most owner would probably opt for the nice carbon fiber engine cover with the glass section, however this car still has the standard metal slotted cover … at first rolling on very nice glossy black PUR Wheels but now this car received a set of brand new PUR Wheels in the innovative Ten Monoblock design that took some styling cues from the original Aventador wheels, but still looks different … especially in this Davinci Red finish.

The PUR Ten Monoblock wheels in Davinci Red offer an amazing glossy look, almost a red chrome finish, on this car the owner went for 19-inch wheels, the same size as the factory fitment by the way, but from the look on these photos I’m almost certain the suspension is lowered too … this Gallardo looks up to date and contemporary again … despite being ten years old it still turns heads.