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Even with the new Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce being built at the moment I’m sure Automobili Lamborghini SpA is already working on (or at least thinking about) the successor for this V12 flagship … sure the lifespan hasn’t been reached yet, and most likely we’ll be seeing a facelift model in about two years and perhaps even a very radical Aventador GT model towards the end of the production … which will probably be around 2020, when the Aventador is in production for nearly 10 years.

If you ask Federico Valenzano and Exequiel Di Salvo the V12 Lamborghini flagship for 2020 could be called the Halcón and might look like the blue concept design you see on this page, a very intricate and aggressively styled car that oozes speed from every side.

At the rear we notice a cover over the wheels for a better aerodynamic air flow around this area, if this is the most practical solution in case of a flat tire I’m not so sure, there isn’t a spare tire anyway so it might not be such an issue after all.

The Lamborghini Halcón does not show a high rear wing, but the rear lower diffuser does act like an airfoil on her own, also note the Veneno style taillights, while the headlights also remind us of the ones used on the rare Veneno.

Federico and Exequiel also envisioned the high power Halcón SuperVeloce model, which does have a fixed rear wing and additional fins up front … all in all this is a rather impressive looking design concept.