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The sales of 3,245 cars in 2015 was an absolute record for the relatively small company in Sant’Agata, Automobili Lamborghini SpA currently employs a total of 1,300 people, in fact during 2015 alone a total of 150 people have been hired on an ‘open-end’ contract, added to the assembly line workforce, the technician base and as specialists with the highest qualification … if you take into account the last five years the number of employees at Lamborghini has grown by more than 600 people … and most likely this number will continue to grow in the next few years.

In 2018 we will finally see a third model being added to the lineup, which will consist of the V10 Huracán, the V12 Aventador and the new SUV based on the Urus concept car … the number of cars sold and produced by 2018 will be significantly larger compared to the record breaking 2015 figures, so even more people are needed at the factory in Sant’Agata … in fact they are currently building a brand new production facility behind the current factory to house the super sports SUV production line.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

At this time the production site in Sant’Agata is about 80,000 m², by 2018 this will nearly double to a total of 150,000 m² and an additional 500 new employees will be needed … at this time 180 of these posts have already been signed under contract, but 2016 will also see an increase in people working in the Quality department, the R&D department, Purchase, Industrial and Project management, but also in the technical production staff.

So if a career at Automobili Lamborghini SpA sounds like an interesting challenge … why not try to get a job in Sant’Agata?