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The long awaited Lamborghini Huracán was finally unveiled to the general public at the March 2014 Geneva Auto Show … orders had been coming in long before that, with another boost in numbers after the new V10 Bull was shown to VIP during ‘invitation only’ events all over the world hosted by local dealerships … by the time the Geneva Show closed it’s doors over 1,000 people put down a deposit on the 2014 Huracán … a few months later the order book shows more than 2,000 names already … safe to say the Gallardo successor has become an instant hit among super car owners.

And still nobody outside of a handful of Lamborghini employees were able to actually drive the new Huracán … until now … when Automobili Lamborghini SpA puts together an event they don’t play around … the dynamic launch of the new V10 in Marbella, Spain was another masterpiece of organization that allowed both owners, VIP and dealer employees to take the wheel of the V10 Huracán and put down some laps on the famous Ascari track in Spain.

The response was amazing … the Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 is another masterpiece made in Sant’Agata, the car feels responsive and fast without being scary … in fact some even stated it is too easy to drive, a Lamborghini should intimidate the driver all the time … but I guess times have changed, and people are now looking at a Lamborghini they can use to commute to work on a daily basis, but still scare the living daylights out of them when wanted.

And this is where the ANIMA (Italian for Soul) – “Adaptive Network Intelligent Management” comes into play … the red switch on the bottom of the steering wheel allows the driver to select between Strada, Sport or Corsa mode … or in regular language : fast – super fast – crazy fast …

The Huracán is a four wheel drive Lamborghini as was the Gallardo before, but this latest implementation can in fact put 100% of the power on the rear wheels only … which is so much fun if you know how the drift a Lamborghini … and this also means there will be no Huracán LP610-2 edition … the LP610-4 can become an LP610-2 entirely in her own, how cool is that?

After this Marbella unveil of the Huracán even more orders came in … it is quickly becoming clear if you haven’t put down your deposit on the next generation V10 from Lamborghini you will most likely not be taking the wheel of this car in 2014 anymore … expect a delivery time well into 2015 in fact.

The first dealer demonstrators will be arriving in late June, early July … all finished in white over a black leather/alcantara interior with red stitching, optional lightweight wheels over red brake calipers and the regular engine cover … customer cars will start to be shipped a few weeks later … the first owners will be able to drive their car in late July or beginning of August …