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At this moment the private VIP shows are ongoing all over the world … a first glimpse at the brand new Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 that is only available to possible customers and VIP … on invitation only and nobody is allowed to take any photographs during these closed doors events.

The first public unveil is reserved for the 2014 edition of the Geneva Motor Show in March, I understand the factory is even keeping some of the details and specifications of the new V10 model a secret until then … still several interesting facts are published by now … like pricing.

A lot of people were expecting a price increase of 5 to 10% over the outgoing Gallardo LP560-4 model, but first indications show the base price for the 2014 Huracán LP610-4 is set at USD237,000 in the States while in the UK a price of GBP169,000 has been quoted … estimates are the European mainland will see base Huracán models with an MSRP of around EURO180,000 … note these are very competitive numbers when compared to the direct competition from other makes.

From seeing these prices and the number of paint and interior options it is very obvious Automobili Lamborghini SpA is aiming at expanding the appeal of the Huracán beyond the Gallardo one, keep in mind the new V10 comes with DCT, magnetic suspension, direct steering, Haldex electronically controlled AWD system, a brand new engine, a beautiful interior and other tech stuff … still they didn’t increase the price over the outgoing model.

Still many people will want to have their very own Huracán LP610-4 stand out of the crowd … and one way to go is installing some state of the art, custom made wheels for this brand new Lamborghini V10 … I’m sure ADV.1 will be ready once the first cars are being delivered to their lucky customers … and in case you are wondering how the amazing ADV.1 wheels will look on the new Bull I’ve put together a few virtual renders for you.

From the classic cross spoke design of the ADV10.0 M.V2 SL over the contemporary dual five spoke ADV005 Track Spec SL units to the amazing looking ADV5.2.1SL finished in Death Bronze I take a look at fitting them onto some of the most impressive shades on the Lamborghini Huracán … I even mount an aggressively styled aerodynamic kit on a Nero Nemesis finished V10 and have her rolling on bronze ADV.1 wheels.

A big thanks to Tony from ADV.1 wheels for allowing me to use their original backgrounds … if you want to make sure you have a set of amazing looking wheels waiting for you when your Huracán arrives at the dealership you should contact ADV.1 Wheels right now.