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Only recently an undisclosed source confirmed the editors of UK based car magazine AutoExpress the name of the upcoming Lamborghini Gallardo successor would not be Cabrera as was believed a long time … instead the new V10 super car would be called Huracán and at that time brand new spy shots were published too showing a still cameo covered prototype during road testing.

Today autoevolution published photos showing a Lamborghini Huracán during winter testing, now that would make perfect sense as the V10 model will be sold worldwide, and some will end up in the scorching desert heat while other will suffer from extreme cold … so actual winter tests are nothing new for us.

Still these photos showed a clear look at some amazing wheels, while the earlier spy shots featured an Huracán with the same wheels painted flat black, this second Huracán prototype received silver painted units. Still a five spoke design these wheels do look classic … and innovative at the same time … I for one sure wouldn’t mind seeing these on the production Huracán when she is unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, note they put tape on the spokes to fool us, but it is evident these are open spokes.

These new photos clearly show two different prototypes by the way, the license plates are consecutive, but different … I’m sure there are even more units being tested at the moment while production is already started in Sant’Agata … getting the cars ready for a VIP presentation in early January while the general public will only see the Lamborghini Huracán in March 2014.

Also note the silver wheels’ Huracán prototype has some serious additional light installed up front, most likely Lamborghini is planning some night time driving too, and I guess not every road up there will be lit … so some extra light might be a very good idea, a fan even commented it is dark 24/7 in northern Sweden this time of year …

Exact details on power output are still not available for the Lamborghini Huracán but most sources talk about at least 600hp while some even go up to 620 or 630hp … somehow I’m sure the Bull will pack more than enough grunt to keep the competition standing in awe, but I also think it shouldn’t be too close the the 700hp of the V12 flagship.

If history is anything to go by I would expect the Huracán to become an LP600-4 model, at this moment the most power from the Gallardo came in the form of the LP570-4 Superleggera, back in the Murciélago days the highest power output before the Aventador came into the picture was the LP670-4 Super Veloce … in the latter case Lamborghini added 30hp to get to an even 700hp … so the Huracán will most likely become an LP600-4 if you ask me.

Add that to a lightweight construction using aluminum combined with carbon fiber to get an overall weight just under the current Gallardo model, install a double clutch system to get all that power to all four wheels and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know the Huracán will offer a serious performance boost over the outgoing V10 model … some sources even state the Huracán will have a few never before seen tricks up its sleeve.