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It took some serious convincing, but we finally managed to get our photographer accredited to cover the LeMans Series session at the famous Belgian circuit at Spa Francorchamps, more importantly no less than two Lamborghinis were prepared by Reiter Engineering to compete in this session, both in the GT1 and in the GT2 class.

Note that the Gallardo GT2, which is based on the stunning LP560-4 model, is actually the 50th Gallardo built by Reiter and the first to do battle in the ferocious GT2 class, competing with cars like the well known Ferraris and Porsches.

When we arrived on Friday a lot of preparation was still going on in the Reiter pit box to get the car set up properly for the Spa Francorchamps track, with two cars in the same race things would get hectic to say the least.

Some problems arose with the GT2 car during the free practice runs on Friday and Saturday, the team was able to get most of them resolved, but unfortunately the car didn’t quite make it through the final qualification round on Saturday, it would have to start at the end of the pack in the race on Sunday.

Fortunately the Murciélago R-GT was doing very well during the first free practice putting down the fastest time against the Corvette and the Aston Martin who were also competing in the GT1 class, sadly it only managed a second time during the qualifications on Saturday, less than one second behind the Jetalliance Aston Martin DBR9.

During the 1000 km de Spa race on Sunday the Murciélago R-GT did take the pole position in it’s class for the first 15 laps before the Corvette C6.R took over, however the Lamborghini did regain the pole back in lap 35, lost it again in lap 40 only to grab it a third time in lap 57. The Corvette did however manage to steal the pole away again in lap 71 and managed to keep it, so the majestic Lamborghini came in second in Spa after 1000 Km.

Do note that the fastest lap in this race did come from the Lamborghini Murciélago, lap 103 was completed in only 2:17.809 with an average speed of no less than 182.966, something to be proud about after all.

On another note the Gallardo GT2 didn’t get as fortunate as it’s bigger brother, it managed only 99 laps so it didn’t get a classification, which was very unfortunate as this was the first real race the GT2 version of the V10 Bull was entered into, let’s hope next time it will smash the competition.