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The first certified Italian automaker.
Judged to be a company of excellence in policies of human resource management.
S. Winkelmann: “We’re proud to see formal recognition of our commitment to being an attractive employer of choice”.

Italian automaker Automobili Lamborghini has been awarded prestigious Top Employers Italia 2014 Certification, an honor bestowed by the Top Employers Institute each year on companies with excellent workplace environments and advanced policies for human resource management.

The Top Employers certification program is a process lasting about a year, during which companies with at least 250 employees in Italy or 2500 employees on an international level are vetted. Certification is granted only after a structured investigation and verification procedure in which five criteria are considered: salary policies, working conditions and benefits, training and professional growth, career opportunities and corporate culture. Only companies that attain the very high scores required by certification are recognized as Top Employers Companies and obtain the Quality Mark of Top Employers Certification.

Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann commented, “This prestigious award shows we are working in the right direction toward reaching one of our strategic goals: to become an attractive employer of choice. Lamborghini is a company of excellence not only in the production of luxury super sports cars, but also in the management of human resources. Our employees are the engine that powers our success, as well as being the competitive advantage of our company. That’s why we’ve developed an advanced strategy of human resource management that is specifically intended to ensure the constant development of our staff’s skills, along with their well-being, safety and good health.”

Umberto Tossini, the Human Resources and Organization Director at Automobili Lamborghini, added: “We care for our people, without whom we wouldn’t be the company of excellence we are today. Without their passion and commitment, and without our efficient organization, we wouldn’t be able to meet our business goals. Lamborghini wishes to be an employer that its employees are proud to work for, which is why we’ve developed a host of activities, that includes a comprehensive People Care program centered around training, individuals, prosperity and the workplace. This program is also the result of ongoing discussions with the unified labor organization at the company“.

Welfare in Lamborghini

Welfare programs at Lamborghini operate through a series of contractual and salary policies, and through projects whose purpose is to improve the quality of life during and outside of working hours. The goal is to advance a corporate culture based on quality, transparency and motivation.

With regard to contractual policies for improving the quality of life, worth special mention is the Lamborghini apprenticeship contract, which stands out for financial terms and duration that go beyond what is required by Italian law. Furthermore, Lamborghini offers attractive salaries and additional increases associated with reaching corporate goals are provided for.

The theme of work-life balance between private and professional life is given great consideration and regarded as basic to the well-being and motivation of staff. As a result, a large number of welfare programs have been developed that translate into real benefits for those who work at Lamborghini: health insurance for obtaining reimbursements of medical expenses paid; free check-ups and vaccinations; special terms at local nursery schools, sports facilities, businesses and cultural activities; special agreement for private car assignment within Audi product range and discounts on the purchasing of VW Group vehicles. With regard to work-life balance, special attention is paid to new parents, for whom the Lamborghini labor contract offers a supplement of up to 50% to the benefits provided by the INPS social security agency for the first 6 months, and additional paid leave is offered in case of a child’s illness.

Working conditions are arranged to ensure the highest levels of safety in the workplace. In this regard, Lamborghini was the first company in Italy to receive the Italian President’s Award during the National Forum on Health and Safety in the Workplace. This honor is complemented by a partnership in place with the Occupational Medicine Unit at the University of Bologna and with Sant’Orsola Malpighi Polyclinic in Bologna.

The goals of this joint effort include the development and application of correct ergonomics at work stations at every step in the product’s life cycle, and the introduction of new technologies for analyzing and preventing risks, thus disseminating a veritable corporate culture of health and safety, with a resulting reduction in the incidence of injuries.

Great consideration is even given to the food service. The menus are developed together with an expert nutritionist, so that care is taken to respect employees’ food intolerances, and considerable attention is paid to the nutritional value of the various foods. Fresh fruit and vegetables are locally produced.

Another aspect that sets Lamborghini apart as a company of excellence in human resources is the importance attributed to training as an essential method of enhancing individual skills, to the development of talented workers through advanced programs, and to opportunities for international job rotation.

With regard to relations with labor unions, Lamborghini is a model company inspired by ongoing dialogue, transparency and collaboration between management and union officials. This approach has led to the introduction of a system of bilateral technical commissions on the themes that are most important to workers, and has resulted in the signing of a supplement to the national collective labor contract that offers advantageous conditions to members of staff at Sant’Agata Bolognese.

And if one of the indicators of company welfare is the percentage of on-the-job attendance, this percentage at Lamborghini is significantly higher than the national average.

At present, Lamborghini has 1029 employees at its historic Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters, a number that has grown by 61% over the past 10 years. 300 persons have been hired since 2011, particularly in the industrial and R&D fields, with an annual average of 30% women hired over the past three years. 2014 will be yet another year of investment in human resources, as additional employees are slated to be hired.