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Japanese based designer Daisuke Iguchi has a very interesting passion … his hobby is designing transportation equipment … and this very impressive Lamborghini L.A. Vision Concept is one of his creations, and I must admit it does look very aggressive with her angular style combined with swooping arches.

At the moment the only thing we can admire are an early sketch, a color drawing and one 3D printed scale model in 1/43 to show the overall design of this Vision Concept … and there are a few Lamborghini inspired design cues to be found on this idea.

The roofline of this Lamborghini L.A. Vision Concept reminds us of both the Gallardo and the new Huracán, even the exterior rear view mirrors show some resemblance to these existing V10 models from Sant’Agata … what kind of engine would be used in this L.A. Vision Concept isn’t specified yet, but the length of the section behind the seats might suggest the large V12 is even possible to fit.

Air intakes are scattered all around the L.A. Vision Concept, two are deeply carved into the front hood while the front bumper naturally houses some massive openings … the concept is finished in a silver metallic paint while many parts show a race inspired matte black finish … the front bumper is no exception to this ‘black’ treatment.

Headlights are thin LED strips angled along the front hood running into the fenders … in fact the front fenders are very wide … usually a Lamborghini is growing wider towards the rear, this L.A. Vision Concept has a front that is almost as wide as the rear.

On the side we encounter the usual air intake in front of the rear wheels, but the L.A. Vision Concept also has an air vent behind the front wheels, a triangular design that shows a serious influence from the race track, a Lamborghini script on the lower side panel completes the profile look … but take a closer look at the door.

If we take a second look at the door is seams we’re looking at upward opening doors in this case, but not the usual ‘scissor’ style ones we all know as a Lamborghini trademark … these doors look more like butterfly doors, there is no seam along the wheel arch, it seems like the entire section up to the front wheel will pivot open to allow entry into the L.A. Vision Concept … in McLaren/LaFerrari style.

It is not clear if the roof on this concept is made from glass or just a black panel, but the engine cover does show a stunning design with louvers and a central fin running to the rear of the car, taillights run high into the side fenders while also pointing down towards the road … a Veneno style taken to the extreme I guess.

Twin dual exhaust pipes are mounted in the black lower rear diffuser while the central part of the rear fascia runs down to the road too … inspired by a certain Ferrari F12 perhaps?

Naturally this is not an official concept design from the Centro Stile in Sant’Agata, this Daisuke Iguchi creation is just a product of the imagination of a talented designer … doesn’t look too bad I think.