Lamborghini Lounge returns to Porto Cervo

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 1

For the summer months, Automobili Lamborghini SpA has setup their Lounge once again on the Costa Smeralda, 2021 is the third year in a row already for this exclusive ‘pop-up’ Lounge in Porto Cervo, where existing customers and potential clients can get a taste of the Lamborghini experience, and possibly put down an order for their brand new Lamborghini, after taking a spin behind the wheel of one of these supercars on the stunning roads around the Costa Smeralda.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 2

And Lamborghini came in force to Porto Cervo once again, the cars that are available for test drives show just about the entire range you can buy at this time, starting with the best-selling Lamborghini ever, the Super SUV Urus, which sold 15,000 over a period of only 3 years to date, a number unseen in the Sant’Agata history of Lamborghini, with 650 hp and 850 Nm of torque, the Lamborghini Urus can propel itself from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds, and it can take five occupants to a top speed of 305 km/h, the Urus not only comes with four-wheel drive but also four-wheel steering and active torque vectoring for the most amazing handling … on any surface.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 9

Another success story in Lamborghini’s history is the V10 Huracán, the successor to the Gallardo (which sold ‘only’ 14,022 units over ten years of production), and a model that has gone through its mid-life facelift with the EVO and EVO RWD evolution, being at the Costa Smeralda, Lamborghini decided to bring the Spyder version for test drives, which suits the sunny conditions better I guess. Both the yellow and the white Huracan EVO Spyder seen on these photos come with the new lightweight sport seats, these are a lot more comfortable than the earlier carbon fiber units, and they seem to be ordered a lot by customers, so it makes sense to have both test cars fitted with this option.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 7

For those that aren’t a fan of open-top driving, the Lamborghini Lounge at Port Cervo also has two Huracan coupe available, one of them being the Huracán EVO Fluo Capsule with its vibrant, albeit matt finished color, the other being the brand new Huracán STO, the street-legal Super Trofeo race car version, straight from the Squadra Corse department with 640 hp (470 kW) and an impressive 565 Nm of torque for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds … deliveries of this ultimate V10 models are on their way as we speak, and this car is highly anticipated by its clients, with the two-tone paint option we are bound to see some strange combinations for sure, the various photos that have been posted online already show some really nice Huracán STO, and some of which you might think how this got through Ad Personam.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 8

Talking about the Ad Personam Studio, Lamborghini brought along an entire setup for this 600-square-meter Lounge in Porto Cervo this year, usually at the major car shows there is a smaller sample of options available via Ad Personam on display, but for this VIP Lounge they went all the way with a dedicated area showing bodycolor options, samples of leather, Alcantara and stitching garments … and just so you can visualize it all, there is a large display for the virtual configurator so the client can see their new Lamborghini being rendered with their exact specs.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 10

Not only does the Lamborghini Lounge at Porto Cervo come with a very welcoming hospitality area inside, but there is also an exclusive patio behind the Lounge so you can enjoy a glass of Prosecco while contemplating about what options to order on your new Lamborghini, or you can wander around the cars on display in the ‘exhibit area’ … for the complete Lamborghini experience there is even a booth from the Automobili Lamborghini Collection, and if you are anything like me, you will just not be able to leave without taking a souvenir with you … most likely an expensive souvenir.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 5

At this moment there are three Lamborghini VIP Lounges, two permanent ones in New York and in Tokyo, and this temporary one in Porto Cervo, however, in a matter of weeks there will be a fourth one at Monterrey in the USA during Car Week, where we most likely will be seeing the Lamborghini Countach Homage being unveiled, the latest V12 limited edition model that will conclude the Aventador lineage from Sant’Agata.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 4

And that brings us to the final model that will be shown in Porto Cervo, but only from August 8 onward, when the Lamborghini Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae will make her appearance at the Promenade du Port in via Porto Vecchio, where you will be able to admire this ultimate, limited edition of the Lamborghini Aventador with its NA V12 engine, do note that you might need to have an appointment, and the Lamborghini Lounge at Porto Cervo will close its doors on September 5.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 6

Since we are located close to the water at Porto Cervo, there is even a booth showing the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 for those that want to obtain a 19-meter yacht with Lamborghini inspired design, this 63-foot even comes with twin V12 engines, not from Lamborghini, but from MAN Marine, but these propel this stylish yacht to amazing speeds on the water while being seated in Lamborghini style sport seats, holding a steering wheel that could come straight from an Aventador … even the start button for the engines is located underneath a red cover, just like on the Lamborghini cars.

2021 porto cervo lamborghini lounge 3

Only 63 units of the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 will be built, each with a base MSRP of €3,000,000 (nearly US $3,600,000 at the current exchange rates), and we recently saw several online publications mentioning UFC champ Conor McGregor took delivery of his Tecnomar for Lamborghini, I’m not sure many of the 63 units are still available, so you might want to inquire about buying one of these Sian inspired yachts if you want to enjoy Lamborghini life on the water.