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After being showcased on the Geneva Auto Show as the latest and bravest evolution of the legendary Lamborghini Miura, this yellow SV or Spinto Veloce version was sold to a lucky customer in Italy, later on he made a German based owner very happy before this very car was obtained by a citizen of the United States who had it completely restored.

This very car was able to secure third place in the renowned Pebble Beach concorso among the best Raging Bull from all over the world, a tribute to the magnificent workmanship that went into rebuilding this ultimate Miura evolution.

The Miura SV was the swansong of the Miura range before the amazing Countach would take over, only 150 were ever built making this one of the most sought after Raging Bulls ever, hence these are demanding some serious money to obtain these days.

When the Amelia Island auction hammer came down the amount of hard earned cash was up at a healthy USD 1,700,000 … making this specific beauty the most expensive Miura ever changing hands at that moment … it if it wasn’t for a Ferrari 212 Export Cabriolet that went for no less than $1,87 Million it would have been the highest selling car at that auction … well second place isn’t bad for this unique piece of Lamborghini history I guess.