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Deliveries of the current Lamborghini Aventador LP700 are up to a steady pace by now, but because of the massive success of this V12 flagship made in Sant’Agata the waiting list has become rather long, between putting in your order and actually receiving the keys to your brand new Aventador could be as much as 18 months at this moment … so prospective owners are stuck with their old model for now.

Now some might have had the luck to get their hands on one of the 350 Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce, or perhaps even an LP640 … which let’s be honest neither is too bad looking in factory standard trim after all, but just in case we are talking about the original Murciélago 6.2 model and you might feel a bit sad when it is parked next to one of the later models you now have the option to ‘dress it up’ a bit … and get a serious power upgrade for the V12.

We all know DMC is famous for their high end tuning packages, and the one they have on offer for the previous V12 flagship model could make all the difference for owners of the Murciélago, originally called the M-GT by DMC it now can be ordered with optional engine tuning … which results in a Murciélago LP700 M-GT. I’m sure you get the general idea DMC is trying to get to you … a Murciélago that offers 700 hp just like the new Aventador, and with a styling package that will make your by now ten year old Lamborghini look like it was delivered only a few years ago.

Originally DMC released the 2011-GT last year, showing some impressive bodywork on an orange car, however in mid-2012 they moved onto the M-GT … a combination of styling and power that turns any Murciélago into a race inspired car for the road.

The magic on the outside starts by replacing the original front bumper with a much more aggressive looking one, it borrows some styling cues from the Super Veloce bumper, but the front air intakes are totally different while the ‘extended’ nose section does have an SV look, still the most impressive view is at the side of the front bumper. Just ahead of the wheels we get two shark style air outlets molded into the otherwise very smooth style … I for one really like those to be honest.

And this new front bumper isn’t only there for the good looks, DMC actually offers newly developed ‘air tunnels’ to be mounted behind the front intakes, these improve air flow to decrease temperature and at the same time increase performance … and best of all, this front bumper can be ordered in Kevlar to be color coded with the rest of the Lamborghini … or in clear carbon fiber, now that would look cool.

The side air intakes actually remain stock on this model, I guess if it works why change it, and remember DMC is offering a package here that actually makes the Murciélago look more recent without being over the top, so even the wheels remain factory original, however these can be replaced by more personal looking units if required by the customer.

A similar SV style has been used for the new rear bumper, don’t get this wrong, this isn’t a Super Veloce clone, it is a totally new design that makes the rear of the Murciélago 6.2 or LP640 look more like it just left the race track and took a wrong turn … away from the pit box and onto the open road.

Again this rear bumper can be either color coded Kevlar or high gloss, clear carbon fiber, and while we are at the rear of the car we can admire the new exhaust system DMC offers, the end pipes are replaced by race oriented units emitting a deep growling sound … and just to make sure we care about the environment too you can have DMC mount a catalytic converter with a nice sport tuning.

It wasn’t listed on the original 2011-GT kit, but for the M-GT package you can order a nice rear wing in a very angular design, it doesn’t look as outrageous as the optional Super Veloce wing mounted by Automobili Lamborghini SpA on the LP670-4, but especially on this black Murciélago it looks right at home. Just in case you prefer a little extra look DMC also offers a carbon fiber ‘SV’ wing that has been re-engineered to fit both the 6.2 and the LP640 model.

Now the only thing missing on the outside would be that beautiful glass engine cover from the LP640 version, and DMC knew this, so they have it available for the original Murciélago 6.2 model, either in the original look with the glass sections and a black lower part … or again in an amazing looking clear carbon fiber style, and the icing on the cake is the fact you can have a custom engraving on the glass … the sky is the limit here.

Open the doors and a brand new world opens up to you, you might have got tired looking at that black leather interior from 2001 inside your Bull, so why not have DMC work their magic on that too. Just about everything you might imagine is possible, carbon fiber parts, the best leather in the world, a more race inspired look … and remember it is all hand made by some of the best artisans that remain in Germany … you think about it, DMC can probably realize it on your car.

We’ve kept the best for last … the engine! There is a reason DMC is calling this one the LP700 M-GT, in fact the engine is removed from the car completely and goes to Zurich, Switzerland where DMC has a Performance Unit that removes the original throttle units mounted in Italy and replaces them with twelve individual, single intake throttle plates so each cylinder gets his own intake. Add new, more powerful gas pumps and race spec gas lines coupled to DMC made injection nozzles together with a modified crankshaft, a re-programming of the ECU and new wiring and we are no longer talking about 580 or 640 hp.

This V12 beauty is now called LP700 M-GT, and we all know this stands for a power output of 700 hp, so this black Bull not only looks good, it has the performance to match the Super Veloce style bodywork.
Did we get you interested in having that Murciélago parked in your garage turned into an LP700 M-GT ? Why not contact DMC for more information and pricing.