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There are some very stubborn rumors going around these days that a recent VIP event was held at the factory in Sant’Agata where the invitees were witness to the pre-release unveiling of the Lamborghini Reventòn Roadster.

A lot has been going around about this latest limited edition that could be made at Sant’Agata, most voices state it will finally be unveiled to the public during the IAA in Frankfurt next September, however not a single official statement has been made about this, so it is still all just speculation.

Nothing is originating from the factory about this new super car pur sang, but if we take a look at the previous Reventòn, which was also introduced at the IAA in Frankfurt now two years ago, we can however make some educated guesses about what this car might bring when it actually makes it onto the stand in a few weeks.

The Lamborghini Reventòn Roadster will again be a highly limited edition, some state 9 will be built, others now mention a total of 10 to be built, and actual production (or even introduction to the public) would not happen until all cars were signed for is a statement that started living a life of it’s own on the Internet the last two months or so.

Naturally figures are not available, but expect similar ones compared to the closed coupé version, however this time Automobili Lamborghini SpA could be installing the 670 Bhp version of their V12 that is also mounted in the Super Veloce edition of the regular Murciélago (can I use ‘regular’ and Murciélago in one sentence ?) so performance figures will be impressive as we’ve come accustomed to from the Raging Bull builders.

Care to know how much ? Remember the original Reventòn was a cool one million Euro two years ago, this time the Reventòn Roadster would be available for 1,150,000 Euro + Taxes of the rumors on the Internet are anything to go by, that would mean a 15% surplus compared to the earlier car, which was only built 20 times by the way, and only a handful are actually driven by there owners, which is a real shame.

The few independent tests that were done with the Reventòn in 2007 all stated this car had a totally different driving experience compared to the Murciélago LP640 on which it was based, much more aggressive and involving, so turning this into a Roaster might not be as easy as it sounds, but I’m confident that if we are going to see this car in September it will again be a masterpiece on wheels, pure Italian automotive art … too bad several will again disappear in private collections never to be used on the open road.