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We all knew the Lamborghini Urus Sports SUV would change things considerably for Automobili Lamborghini SpA, and with the figures from the 2018 fiscal year being published we now have proof of this gamechanger.

Whether you like the design of the Urus, or even the philosophy behind her is rather irrelevant, this model was needed by Lamborghini to secure their future, a total of 1,761 units this new Super SUV have left the new factory in Sant’Agata to be delivered to their lucky customers … in 2018 the sales went up from 3,815 units in 2017 to a massive 5,750 units … that’s a 51% increase, and another growth for eight years in a row now, not many car manufacturers will be able to perform this well.

The magic number of 5,000 units has been reached during 2018 and Lamborghini Is reaching more people than ever with their current lineup, even on social media the brand awareness is amazing, over 32 million people are following everything Lamborghini does online.

Today Lamborghini has a total of 157 official dealerships in 50 countries all over the world, for the EMEA region alone they sold 2,497 units (up by 69%), the American market accounted for 1,952 cars in 2018 (up by 46%) and the Asia Pacific region saw a total of 1,301 Raging Bulls being delivered, a 30% increase … the USA alone had 1,595 Lamborghini delivered to customers, making it the largest market for Lamborghini in the world, the United Kingdom (636 cars) is the second most important country regarding sales.

It is rather surprising that the V12 flagship model, the Aventador, still manages to increase sales after being on the market for so long, in 2018 they delivered 1,209 units (a 3% increase over the 1,173 units from 2017) and the V10 Huracan range even topped that number, selling 2,780 units, thus increasing sales by 5% (2,642 sold in 2017) … naturally, the most important increase in both production and sales came from the Urus in 2018 … the Super SUV was introduced in July 2018 and still, a total of 1,761 Urus have been delivered before December 31st of the year.

The continuing search for innovation and unveiling of new and improved models surely benefits a yearly increase in sales, a concept like the Terzo Millennio draws attention to the production models like the Huracan Performante Spyder or the new Aventador SVJ, the latter with only 900 units to be built is sold out already … and Automobili Lamborghini SpA is always open for requests … like the SC18 Alston, a one of a kind, bespoke build for a fortunate customer, note that over 50% of every Lamborghini ordered come with bespoke options from the Ad Personam Studio.

With all these booming figures, Lamborghini isn’t forgetting their heritage, the Polo Storico department will restore your car from the 350GT up to the Diablo with genuine parts, in 2018 they celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Espada and Islero, while in May they took the unique Marzal back to the Monaco race track.

In 2018 the 200th Lamborghini Huracan racecar left the assembly line courtesy of Squadra Corse, note that every Huracan Super Trofeo EVO and GT3 Evo is built on the same assembly line as the regular production cars, which is unique in the world … and now they’ve presented the Urus ST-X Concept too, can’t wait for that race…