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Last week Automobili Lamborghini Spa unveiled their first production hybrid model … well, it’s a very limited production model, only 63 units of the Sián will be  built, and while all of them are already sold, it uses a Supercapacitor to turn into a hybrid … so it’s not even a normal hybrid with batteries, Lamborghini created something really different and special … and charged €2,500,000 for each one of them.

At the 2019 IAA in Frankfurt Lamborghini unveiled a satin green Sián to the public and the owners that ordered the 63 units that will be built, and to make things even more interesting, Lamborghini plans on building 63 different Sián … not two will be alike as every owner is invited at the factory to create a one-off, bespoke car just for him … or her, and judging from the samples the Ad Personam department showed during the VAG VIP evening event we might be seeing some really wild looking Lamborghini Sián once they are delivered.

Lamborghini sian roadster 3

So only 63 units of this Sián coupe will be built, and all of them are already sold … but what about a Roadster version? Will Automobili Lamborghini SpA turn the Sián into a convertible as they did with the Veneno and Centenario before?

I for one really hope so, I love an open-top Lamborghini, and even if it doesn’t even come with any kind of roof (like the Aventador J, the Veneno Roadster and the Centenario Roadster) it still is the ultimate Raging Bull in my eyes … so I created a Sián Roadster myself, in a style I would like to see with a full windshield and just two roll-over bars behind the seats … a true Roadster in every sense of the word.

And while the people that bought a Lamborghini Sián Coupe can have the Ad Personam department at Sant’Agata create their bespoke Bull, you can do the same in our brand new LamboCONFIG configurator I have created for the Sián … enjoy putting together one just for you.