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Since the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, all company activities were halted on March 13, so no Lamborghini cars could be produced since that date, however, the factory managed to repurpose some departments to produce medical protection masks and visors for the St. Orsola Hospital in Bologna, while also establishing a partnership with SIARE Engineering International Group to co-engineering and manufacturing breathing simulators during this worldwide crisis.

On April 26 the Italian Prime Minister released a decree that would allow a restart of car production on May 4th if all safety measures could be implemented … Automobili Lamborghini SpA has spent the last weeks to ensure a maximum of protection for the Lamborghini workforce and to educate the people with an in-depth campaign.

And the restart of production isn’t the only news from Sant’Agata, despite most worldwide dealers still being closed for business at this moment, and the cancelation of many important automotive events, Lamborghini will unveil a new model on May 7 … during a virtual launch event we will see a new car to complete the model range.

Despite the crisis that wreaked havoc on the world’s economy from early March on, Automobili Lamborghini SpA still managed to put down a healthy Q1 result, and once dealers can reopen and deliver new cars to customers they foresee a positive result for 2020 after all.

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When we take a look at 2019 we see a 28% growth in turnover from 1,42 to 1,81 billion Euro while sales increased by 43% to 8,205 units (from 5,750 in 2018) which naturally includes almost 5,000 Urus … never before in the 56 years of existence has Lamborghini been able to reach these numbers, in 2020 we’ll be seeing the delivery of the limited edition Sián with 63 units, and perhaps a Sián Roadster to be unveiled on May 7th?