Lamborghini unveils 2 new high-end road bikes

WIth price starting at $8,999 are these 2 pedals Lamborghini worth it?


Lamborghini teamed up with 3T a well-known Italian company that specializes in manufacturing high-performance cycling components. Two new bikes will adore the raging bull badge, the Racemax x Automobili Lamborghini and the Strada x Automobili Lamborghini.

The exciting collaboration between the 3T Bikes and Lamborghini began when the Huracán Sterrato car was first shown. The Sterrato was not the only thing that caught people’s attention during that particular event. Along with the car, the unique bicycle called the Exploro Racemax x matched the car’s design, was also an attention grabber, and was priced at $15,000. This premium bicycle maker teamed up with Lamborghini since the event and has kept working together and bring out fancy, top-quality bicycles wholly made in Italy that reflect the style of Italian sports cars.

Lamborghini Centro Stile at work


Lamborghini Centro Stile, which is Lamborghini’s in-house design studio, played a pivotal role in developing the design of these bicycles. Drawing inspiration from iconic Lamborghini super sports cars, the designers have chosen colors that resonate with the brand’s heritage. Built with premium quality materials, the bikes feature top-tier components, including carbon fiber wheels and electronic shifting.

Racemax & Strada: gotta love the names!


The newly introduced Racemax x Automobili Lamborghini gravel bike boasts 3T carbon components that lend lightness without sacrificing speed. While the Strada x Automobili Lamborghini bike is the first of its kind from this partnership. It’s designed to be both very streamlined and comfortable. The bike features two main parts: the front half, called the ‘speed zone,’ which focuses on going fast, and the back/rear half, the ‘comfort zone,’ which includes a curved seat tube inside the frame for a smoother ride. Both these high-quality bicycles also get high-quality carbon wheels from 3T.

The Racemax x Automobili Lamborghini gravel bike is available in either Oro Elios (Oro translates to “Gold” in English) or Verde Selvans (a deep, lush green) shade. The Strada x Automobili Lamborgini variant, on the other hand, is available in Viola Pasifae (a deep, intense, and metallic purple shape) and Arancio Apodis (a particular shade of orange used by Lamborghini) finishes.

Pricing and Availability


Priced starting at $8,999, these Lamborghini-inspired bicycles, with their 3T carbon components, are available for purchase at this link and will be deliverable from September 2023.

Other Lamborghini Bicycle

It is not the first time Lamborghini is collaborating with a bicycle manufacturer, these are great products to display in the showroom along with the long list of Lamborghini gifts and gadgets that owners love to put in their garages or wardrobe. Here is Below a few of the previous collabs.

Bicycle Model Collaboration Partner Release Year Limited Edition
BMC Lamborghini Edition Impec BMC Switzerland 2012 30 Units
BMC Lamborghini Edition Road Bike BMC Switzerland 2015 50 Units
Lamborghini Edition BMC Roadmachine BMC Switzerland 2017 30 Units
Lamborghini Edition NOVITEC Road Bike NOVITEC 2021 Limited Edition
Lamborghini Edition Cervélo R5 Cervélo 2021 Limited Edition

Are more 2-wheelers coming soon?

Rumors have it that Lamborghini is planning to release a new “super motorcycle”. A couple of names are floating but the Lamborghini Carmelo superbike is what comes to mind. Personally I’d really love to see a collaboration between Bimota and Lamborghini, it seems like a perfect match, and almost strange why it has not happened in the past. I hope Lambo CEO Stephan Winkelmann will make it happen!

Caramelo bike

The Racemax x Automobili Lamborghini and the Strada x Automobili Lamborghini Gallery