The Lamborghini Urus Elevated with Stunning Carbon-Fiber Enhancements From Carbon Pro Dubai

Carbon fiber components designed to elevate and enhance the appearance of the Urus

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If there’s one car that doesn’t scream for attention, it’s the Lamborghini Urus. Yet, the avant-garde minds at Dubai’s Carbon Pro saw room for an aesthetic upgrade, merging subtlety with audacity in a symphony of carbon fiber. Here’s a dive into how the Lamborghini Urus, in both its S and Performante variants, transforms with seven bold accessories from Carbon Pro.

Carbon Pro Hoods:

Lamborghini urus adorning carbo pro accessories
the hood is entirely built with carbon

While the Lamborghini Urus naturally commands attention, Carbon Pro took the front-end aesthetics up a notch. Customers have a choice between two distinctive hoods. The first, an all-carbon fiber spectacle priced at $7,079, is for the purest enthusiasts. The second option merges carbon fiber with the vehicle’s natural body color, integrating vents and a central carbon panel. This mixed beauty is tagged at $7,514.

Front-End Elegance:


Beyond the hoods, Carbon Pro has continued refining the Urus’s front. Carbon fiber air ducts, a subtle yet defining feature, are priced at $1,525. But the highlight might be the sleek $2,614 carbon fiber splitter paired with a horizontal carbon element that underscores the radar unit. These additions resonate with a refined yet bold statement, much like the spirit of Lamborghini itself.

Rear-End Resplendence:


A turn to the Urus’s rear reveals Carbon Pro’s craftsmanship in full swing. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the carbon fiber diffuser, available for $2,396. Add to that the carbon fiber inserts for the rear bumper at $1,307 and a trim piece above the diffuser for $795, and you’ve got a rear that’s as aesthetically pleasing as powerful.

Side Skirts:


A magnificent addition, the $3,643 carbon fiber side skirts bridge the front and rear upgrades, ensuring the Urus’s side profile is as captivating as its front and rear.

Wing Mirror Caps:


Constantly aware of the details, Carbon Pro offers carbon fiber wing mirror caps, emphasizing that luxury lies in the details.

Mansory’s Touch:

Though Carbon Pro’s upgrades are the main attraction, they’ve also incorporated a few pieces from Mansory’s catalog. The rear wing and roof spoiler by Mansory, known for their audacious designs, are the few that have made the cut.

Customization At Its Best

Understanding that personalization is the pinnacle of luxury, Carbon Pro doesn’t bind its customers to a single finish. With eight unique carbon fiber weave patterns available in both gloss and matte finishes, owners can make their Urus a masterpiece.

While no changes have been made under the hood by Carbon Pro, Lamborghini enthusiasts seeking more power can turn to Mansory. Recent builds by the tuner have yielded outputs north of 800 horsepower. For those looking at cabin upgrades, Carlex Design might have what you need. Renowned for leatherwork that rivals top-tier automakers, their Urus conversions are masterpieces.

In a world where the Urus is already a statement, Carbon Pro’s accessories ensure it’s a statement that stands out, distinct and unmatched. Whether on the streets of Dubai or the highways of the USA or  Europe, an Urus adorned with Carbon Pro’s carbon fiber upgrades isn’t just seen. It’s remembered.

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