Tempting 2025 Lamborghini Urus Hybrid With Its Lanzador Concept-Inspired Look Revealed!

The SUV appears significantly more functional and muscular when compared to the Urus!

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Lamborghini, a brand synonymous with elegance, luxury, and relentless innovation, stunned the automotive world at the Monterey Car Week in 2023. Lambo’s Lanzador, an electric vehicle (EV) concept, stole the limelight among the bevy of vehicular artistry that graced the event. Though it remains a prototype for now, with a production series tentative for 2028, the new electric concept promises a paradigm shift in Lamborghini’s design approach.

Those eager to see the forthcoming EV concept might catch a preview of the production version through these CGI visuals provided by rendering artist kdesignag.

From Distant Electric Dreams to Grounded Reality


The Lanzador isn’t just any EV concept. It disrupts the conventional two-door coupe GT archetype by offering an SUV-like ground clearance. This strategic design ensures it doesn’t overshadow Lamborghini’s sports car stalwarts, the Revuelto, and the soon-to-be-successor of the Huracan. Furthermore, its distinct design DNA ensures that Urus continues reigning supreme in its market segment. But the wait for the EV Concept might test the patience of even the most ardent Lambo enthusiasts.

Yet, in the digital age, artists aren’t bound by timelines. Take, for example, the works of this Brazil-based virtual artist Kleber Silva, better known as KDesign AG, on social media platforms. Silva’s visionary CGI interpretation seamlessly melds the Urus with some distinct design cues from the Lanzador EV Concept. This imaginative rendition gives us a tantalizing glimpse of the upcoming Urus refresh scheduled for 2024 end. A union of the Lanzador’s bold EV concept elements with the already established powerhouse that is the Urus super-SUV.

Now, some may argue that the Urus S already received its facelift. However, in automotive design, a genuine refresh transcends subtlety. And for those who need help quite to picture a Lanzador-inspired Urus? The CGI world offers a plethora of interpretations.

In this rendering, take note of the headlamps in the front view, reminiscent of the Lanzador style, which highlights the design’s unique pointed nose. The rear showcases a sleek SUV coupe-like silhouette, enhancing the Urus’s athletic appeal. Additionally, the raised ground clearance combined with the honeycomb-inspired wheel design emphasizes the sporty look of this design. Unlike the Lanzador concept, this rendered car boasts four doors, typical of conventional SUVs, offering added practicality. The contrasting black roof with a carbon fiber finish gives the vehicle a high-end touch

As Lamborghini embarks on its journey into the electric frontier with the Lanzador and with the impending launch of the plug-in hybrid variant of the Urus in 2024, the fusion of these design philosophies promises an exhilarating future for automotive enthusiasts. The Lanzador concept-inspired look, as visualized by these talented artists, offers but a glimpse of the grandeur to come.

2025 Lamborghini Urus: Lanzador Concept-Inspired Look Revealed Image Gallery