Lamborghini Blows Our Mind And Reveal A 2 Door Super EV SUV: The Lanzador

After years of enthusiast renderings, Lamborghini jump on the hype of coupe SUV.


The Lamborghini Lanzador, an amalgamation of intriguing innovation and radical design, was leaked on social media by the Instagram account Actu Auto just before its official launch today. With anticipation reaching a fever pitch, this first electric vehicle from Sant’Agata Bolognese creates waves as a 2+2 sport utility crossover with a GT-inspired look.

Translating to “pitcher” or “thrower” in Spanish, the Lanzador is more than just a name; it’s a statement of Lamborghini’s willingness to take bold steps into the future. Borrowing design cues from new Lamborghinis, like Y-shaped headlights and flared wheel arches, heralds an exciting phase for the brand.

A Unique Design Which Bridges the Gap


The Lanzador stands out for its unconventional aesthetic choices. The body style and seating layout set it apart from the Urus. It is slated to go electric in 2029; it fills the space between the company’s famed supercars and the more utilitarian Urus.

Unlike the signature lighting typically found in a Lamborghini, the Lanzador’s lighting system resembles what you’d expect from Porsche. Thankfully, the front bumper, hood, fenders, wheel arches, and wheels are aligned with the automaker’s current lineup, including the Urus, Huracan, and Revuelto.

However, some design choices may polarize enthusiasts. The almost flat roof, B, and C pillars have faced criticism, though they add a unique flair to this electric crossover. The three-door design with a hatch rather than a sedan-like trunk lid and the exposed rear wheels painted in glossy black add further intrigue.

Lamborghini’s Love For Jet-Style Cockpit


The Lanzador’s interior doesn’t disappoint either, featuring a jet-style cockpit with digital displays for the driver and passenger. The floating center console and rear seats that fold offer practicality, while toggle switches and buttons across the dashboard retain the jet inspiration already seen on some previous Lamborghini models, including the Aventador.

Lamborghini’s attention to detail extends to the spacious cargo area, the tailored luggage set, and the decision to opt for a glass roof over a metal one. The start/stop button assembly, lifted from the Revuelto, adds an exciting touch.

New SSP Architecture

A groundbreaking aspect of the Lanzador is the expected use of the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP). This successor to the PPE and mass-market MEB will premiere in 2026, potentially boasting three or four motors and up to 1,700 horsepower.

The company has confirmed that the production model is due in 2028, aligning with the 60th anniversary of the iconic Lamborghini Espada. The Lanzador will likely utilize the 800-volt electrical system of the SSP Sport architecture, facilitating rapid charging and aligning with other high-performance vehicles from Porsche and Bentley.

Where does the Lanzador fit in Lamborghini’s current lineup?



It’s undeniably its entity, yet it also bridges the gap between the automaker’s supercars and the Urus utility vehicle. As the world awaits the formal unveiling today (August 18) in the US, one thing is clear: the Lamborghini Lanzador is setting the stage for a new era of automotive innovation and design.

Lamborghini Lanzador Interior: A Fusion of Luxury and Sustainability


Lamborghini unveiled a glimpse of the interior of its upcoming Lanzador model. Though the final production version will likely differ from the concept, it gives us a fascinating look into the future of the supercar brand’s interior design and plan.

 A Spacious Cockpit

The interior of the Lanzador comes as a refreshing surprise in terms of space. Thanks to innovative packaging of EV components, Lamborghini has crafted a roomy and fashionable cockpit, encapsulating the essence of the “2+2 lifestyle concept.” While the seating accommodates four, the Lanzador focuses on adaptability. The rear seats and cargo area can be configured to maximize practicality with adjustable cargo floors and fold-away rear seats. Additional storage includes a front trunk (frunk), perfect for Lambo-branded luggage, making it a more inclusive option than the new hybrid V-12 Revuelto or the outgoing Huracán.

The term “Ultra GT” has been used by Lamborghini to classify this concept, pointing to a unique blend of sports car aesthetics and grand touring functionality. A rear hatch adds to the usability, opening up an even more versatile cargo area (when the rear seats are folded).

 Futuristic Design

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Continuing Lamborghini’s tradition of fighter-jet-themed interiors, the Lanzador’s cockpit presents a futuristic flair. Y-themed styling, backlit motifs, and an innovative center console ‘bridge’ divide the front into two separate cockpits. The driver’s seating position is higher than in a conventional sports car, and the design includes an interesting dashboard layout, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and spindly paddle shifters.

Controls for infotainment and drive modes are housed within a wild-looking knob protruding from the center stack that looks quite futuristic. Even the front passenger and presumably the rear occupants will have access to dedicated digital displays, extending the tech-savvy feel across the cabin.

Use of Sustainable Materials


Sustainability is a clear focus for Lamborghini in the Lanzador. The interior of this concept is adorned with made-in-Italy materials like Merino wool, sustainably tanned leather, regenerated carbon fiber, and synthetic fiber created from recycled plastic. Although this commitment to environmental consciousness doesn’t lessen the opulent feel, we can hope that the thin cushioning on the seats is more comfortable than it appears in the photos.

 The Lamborghini Lanzador’s interior promises a groundbreaking blend of style, functionality, and sustainability. While many details are yet to be unveiled, this sneak peek gives enthusiasts and potential buyers much to look forward to. The Lanzador interior sets a new standard for luxury supercar interiors, from its versatile space design to innovative, eco-friendly materials. It’s a bold statement from Lamborghini and a clear indication of the brand’s direction towards combining lavish aesthetics with practical concerns and a commitment to our planet’s future.

Lamborghini Lanzador Acceleration and top speed


Information regarding the powertrain configuration of the 2028 Lambo Lanzador has been sparse. Featuring dual electric motors that produces a combined “one megawatt of power” – equivalent to roughly 1,340 horsepower – the Lanzador is poised to deliver astounding acceleration figures. Though the exact timing remains undisclosed by the Italian manufacturer, the supercar is expected to approximately complete the 0-62 mph sprint in less than 3.0 seconds. You can expect the final version to hit a top speed of roughly 186 mph. Furthermore, the Lanzador’s ‘Grand Turismo’ tag suggests it’s more than merely a machine designed for sheer speed.

As for handling, the car features an advanced chassis system, complete with a steerable rear axle and air suspension that can adapt to the road conditions or maintain a driver-selected preference, controllable via buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

Lamborghini Lanzador Price


With the release of the new Lamborghini Lanzador ultra-GT in the USA still five years away, determining its exact cost takes time. However, considering that the Lanzador EV will be positioned between the Huracan’ssuccessor and the Urus, the price of the 2028 Lamborghini Lanzador could exceed $300k, even before adding options and destination fees.

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