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Only a few more weeks before Automobili Lamborghini SpA will unveil their brand new Murciélago successor, a car that is rumored to be called the LP700-4 Aventador … however no official statement about this name has been published to this date.

I’m almost certain that in the week running up to the press conference in Geneva we might see a few teaser shots, or at least more and more details about this upcoming flagship will get unveiled, like the latest press release about the all carbon fiber cell used for this new model.

Automobili Lamborghini has been heavily researching the extensive use of CFRP in their cars, carbon fiber reinforced polymer will be used all over the new model, the cell of the future car will be made completely from carbon fiber in a monocoque structure … just like Formula One cars … now where did we hear this before ? Right, from Automobili Lamborghini SpA in their previous press release talking about the pushrod suspension also used on their new ultra exotic road car.

The ‘cell’ of the future Lamborghini flagship includes the entire base section, also known as the tub and the actual roof of the car, making this one stiff construction to protect the driver and passenger in case of a crash by absorbing the energy made possible from the use of Braiding technology for the stiffening elements … but still this entire structure only weighs 147.5 Kgs (324.5 lbs).

With this lightweight monocoque the entire weight of the car could be kept to a bare minimum, note that the ‘body-in-white’ of this V12 super car will only put 229.5 kgs on the scales but still offer a torsional rigidity of a massive 35,000 Nm per degree of twist, a very impressive figure that will have a stunning impact on the driving pleasure of this new Raging Bull.

Do note that the entire monocoque is actually built by Lamborghini themselves, making the LP700-4 Aventador another ‘made in Sant’Agata’ beauty on wheels … and production is on it’s way I guess as official dealers have already received a manual on the LP700-4 with all possible options and shades. So my guess is that the first orders are already in, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time the public gets to see the actual car in Geneva in early March the production run for the rest of the year is already sold out.
The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has been on the rumor mill for months now (of not years) so people have been putting their orders on hold for a new Lamborghini, production of the Murciélago has been halted months ago and the production line in Sant’Agata is ready to build the new model.

Several prototypes have been seen testing on the track and open road, recently we’ve even seen a video showing no less than two camouflaged cars on the open road, probably on durability testing in normal traffic, not everything can be found out on a closed track, so eventually even this new Lamborghini has been spotted in plain view.

One German based seller even lists the car online for purchase … probably nothing more than a marketing stunt, but still it shows that this new Lamborghini is highly anticipated by the public, among them several possible owners, so I’m sure the order book is filling up for this brand new model that will shape the super car market for at least the next decade, the competition will have to catch up again with the new Aventador.

The near final LP700-4 Aventador has been shown to VIP’s on invitation only, and they all agree this is the best Lamborghini for a long time, those that have been fortunate enough to be able to get a seat behind the steering wheel rave about the ergonomics of the new V12, she drives like a race car but still comfortable enough to take on a long trip.

Whatever the result will be that gets shown in Geneva, I’m sure we’ll get a ‘love it or hate it’ sensation, the same thing happened when the Murciélago took over from the Diablo … a totally different car, but still very much a Lamborghini. The same will be true for the Aventador, people don’t like change and start comparing the new car with the model it succeeds … and they are bound to find things they don’t like … but rest assured  : the Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador will rock the super car market much like the Miura did back in the Sixties and the Countach in the Seventies … this will be another milestone in the history of Automobili Lamborghini SpA.