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It seemed curious and interesting to imagine, in the nautical industry, a similar situation as that of an automobile: the same amazement at seeing a Lamborghini in a parking lot could be reproduced seeing a Lamborghini yacht in a harbor.

I had never designed a boat. Buying several magazines I realized that, not knowing much about boats, I couldn’t recognize the boats immediately, but I had to check the make and model, except for certain cases.

The first idea was to create an object that was completely out of the traditional stylistic norm but still feasible and realistic: in fact the hull recreated in 3d already exists.

The rest came from the analysis of Lamborghini cars: the air intakes have always been accentuated, so, starting from the side view of the Reventòn, I transformed the intake behind the door into a huge window, so characterize the boat with a single large element.

This, besides illuminating the interiors, could divide the side view of the yacht into two parts optically, making it recognizable even from afar.

(The study plan did not include the design of the interior)