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Lamborghini Cars high resolution photograph

May 12. 2008 was another date to remember when you’ve got a passion for Italian cars, the yearly Lavazza Viva Italia event was planned on the famous TT Circuit in Assen, The Netherlands, and thanks to the organizational skills of the various car clubs and the great weather forecast a record number of stunning Italian cars appeared on Monday.

Naturally a lot of Fiat, Alfa and Lancia were present, but more interesting was the large number of Raging Bulls that could be admired that day, ranging from the stunning Miura over some legendary Countach and Diablo right up to the Murciélago, complemented by a few Gallardo, an Espada, an Islero and some amazing looking Jarama.

So just about every model that was once made by Automobili Lamborghini SpA in Sant’Agata was on display on the crowded Lamborghini Club Nederland stand, bathing in sunlight just about all day, so the bright orange metallic cars where just sparkling away …

But Viva Italia isn’t about show only, most of the cars parked on the paddock will take a spin on the track during some of the ‘runs’ on the TT circuit, one of the Lamborghini’s was nearly pulled from the track for being too loud, an UK registered Diablo SV was pumping out 129.2 dB when it was tested … it eventually won the competition for the loudest engine of the day, the Raging Bull rules !