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Remember the Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce? That was one impressive swansong for the then current flagship, 670 horse power on all four wheels with a bodywork straight from the master designers at the Centro Style in Sant’Agata … however there was a catch: only 350 would be built as the Super Veloce was a limited edition model.

Despite the increased price tag the SV sold out rather quickly … and prices on the second hand market aren’t going downhill any time soon, not even with the successor being in production for almost two years now, so many people turn their attention to the next best thing: take a regular Murciélago version and turn it into a Super Veloce look alike.

Several companies are catering to this exact need, some with more success than other I might add, but Japanese base LB Performance has been customizing Lamborghini models for many years now … and they offer an M-02 package that will turn any Murciélago, be it the original 6.2 liter or the later LP640 evolution into something even more intimidating than the factory original Super Veloce edition.

LB Performance didn’t just copy the SV styling, they took it as a base and designed their own view on how a street legal race car based on the Murciélago should look … and despite some of their cars being painted in somewhat strange shades you have to admit the T-02 package mounted on this matte green V12 looks absolutely amazing, and it isn’t just cosmetic on this specific car either, hence the name LB-R 660.

Judging from this designation I would think the engine has been tampered with, resulting in a power output of 660 hp instead of the original 640 … now it could be due to the fact a new stainless steel exhaust system is mounted (USD 1,825/ Euro 1,400) and an LB original valve exhaust system (USD 10,500/Euro 8,000) is installed, probably adding 20 hp on a total of 640 in the end, perhaps nothing too earth shattering, but it still is an increase.

Let’s walk over the modifications visible on the outside of this army inspired Raging Bull, up front we not only see the Type II Front bumper (USD 10,350/Euro 7,950) but also those racing style fins on the corners (USD 1,550/Euro 1,200) … additionally LB Performance can mount an extra diffuser up front (USD 1,300/Euro 1,000) but it isn’t mounted on this specific car.

To make the Murciélago look really angry LB Performance offers what we in Europe call ‘the bad look’ … covers on the headlights to make them look angry, either in FRP (USD 650/Euro 490) or in much better looking carbon fiber (USD 950/Euro 730) … let’s call it the final touch up front … for now.

On the side we naturally get custom side skirts (USD 7,050/Euro 5,400) but also an extra diffuser (USD 1,550/Euro 1,200) and if you really want to make a point you select the special LB Performance decal (USD 230/Euro 175) … just to make sure people know what you are driving.

Swing around the back and things get really impressive, not one but two different rear wing designs are available from LB Performance, a carbon finished v2 model (USD 8,000/Euro 6,000) that looks like it was taken from a race car or the v3 rear wing in FRP (USD 5,500/Euro 4,200) as seen on this green Murciélago … it looks like the factory original Super Veloce rear wing, but the struts are totally different.

Add a massive rear bumper (USD 10,500/Euro 8,000) to replace the original one and the extra rear diffuser (USD 2,000/Euro 1,500) and you get a truly amazing look at the back … which just begs for the optional stainless steel exhaust muffler (USD 1,825/Euro 1,400) that will turn the howl of the V12 engine into something straight from hell itself … and it looks great too.

Wheels are a very personal statement, and LB Performance has a few options for you as a customer, on this green LB-R 660 the standard LB Forged wheels v2 are installed, 8.5×19 inch at the front and 13×20 inch at the back (USD 6,600/Euro 5,050 for a set of 4) … but you could opt for the LB Klassen wheels, also 8.5×19 inch at the front and 13×20 inch at the back (USD 9,800/Euro 7,500 for a set of 4) or go really wild and get the LB Magnesium wheels … ‘only’ 8.5×18 inch and 13×18 inch front to rear (USD 16,800/Euro 12,900) but much lighter compared to regular alloys.

And that’s only on the outside, let’s open the door and check out the interior … on this LB-R 660 the interior has been completely customized with a combination of black leather and camouflage material, which perfectly shows there is virtually no limit to what LB Performance can do with upholstery on your Lamborghini … prices on demand naturally. Add to that the option of a carbon fiber steering wheel (USD 5,000/Euro 3,800), carbon fiber door sill (USD 1,050/Euro 800) and a stunning carbon fiber dial housing on the dashboard pod (USD 3,050/Euro 2,400) and you get a very impressive combination to spend your time behind the wheel of a Murciélago.

In the end you might be looking at a rather hefty invoice … but take a look at this car and you quickly forget just how much money it takes to get to this point … in the end the smile on your face driving something as wild and exclusive as this LB-R 660 is priceless anyway.