Lamborghini LB Works Liberty Walk Lamborghini Gallardo – Guide

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In late August 2015 we already published the initial renders on the Gallardo by LB Works showing the famous V10 predecessor to the current Huracán boasting the usual set of wide fenders that has made Kato-san famous all around the world with Liberty Walk.

On the official Liberty Walk website the LB Works Lamborghini Gallardo is still set as ‘Coming Soon’ while on the Instagram account from Wataru Kato we can find some photos of what is most likely the very first LB Works Gallardo in real life … he even posted an ‘under construction’ image of this red Gallardo while the fenders are being installed.

If we take a closer look at this red LB Works Gallardo the first thing we notice is just how low she is riding now on those deep concave wheels, naturally thanks to the $7,900 Airrex air suspension that has become some sort of trademark for these wide fender Kato-san specials … this specific car was first seen during the World Time Attack event in Sydney, Australia by the way.

At the time these photos were taken the car boasted two different sets of wheels, on one side a set of really nice black rims while the other side showed an amazing set of red finished wheels … very nice too, but perhaps a little too much with the wild body kit added.

And the LB Works kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo is rather extensive … not only do you get a set of four wide fenders that require some serious cutting into the original bodywork and are mounted using old-school rivets but Kato-san also completely replaces the front bumper on the Gallardo and even adds a very deep front diffuser to really scrape the road.

On the side we encounter some very low side sills, on this specific car adorned with lots of makes that have been installed on the V10 during the transformation. The rear wing can be ordered in three different versions, the one on this red Gallardo looks like it was taken straight from a race car … so I’m guessing we are looking at the LB Performance Rear wing Version 2 which is $6,200 in carbon fiber.

Also for the rear diffuser LB Performance offers two different versions … from the photos of this red Gallardo it isn’t really clear if a special rear diffuser has been mounted, when you opt for the LB Works Gallardo complete kit you get the Rear diffuser version 2 in the package for $25,100 … but that is without the Airrex suspension and without the $1,680 stainless steel exhaust tips … and no wheels yet.

I can’t wait for someone to put together an LB Works Gallardo Spyder to be honest … now that would be a really impressive open top Raging Bull if you ask me.