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When all units of production run on the Liberty Walk LB-R Limited Works 20 Murciélago were sold Kato-san of Liberty Walk had a small issue on his hands … no more wide body V12 Bulls in the lineup, sure the LB Performance Aventador looks amazing, but deep in our heart we still love those low riding, very wide and aggressive looking cars that remind us of the Eighties … just take a look at the Ferrari, BMW and Nissan wide body models Liberty Walk is building … so time to take the Bull by the horns again and create another evolution of the wide body V12 Lamborghini.

For the 2014 edition of the famous SEMA show in the United States Kato-san and his team of specialists at Liberty Walk will prepare a blood red Aventador in his well-known style … adding lots of width to the car with those ‘rivet’ extensions, but that won’t be the entire story on this Lamborghini Aventador LB-Works.

The basic styling of the front spoiler and side sills do look familiar … after all Liberty Walk already has a very nice aerodynamic package for the Aventador by LB Performance, but that is about all that remains from this initial set … just take a look at the first renders that have been published … those amazing looking Works wheel arch extensions make all the difference, add the exposed fixing and you know this is going to be another Kato-san masterpiece.

A massive race inspired rear wing is installed, and this time not fitted onto the original rear wing of the Aventador … Kato-san went a much more innovative route on this one … the wing is fitted onto the rear fascia and extends high above the original rear wing … which it seems like to be still completely functional … a very nice way to get around the usual issue with raising that fin when you install an additional rear wing.

Naturally the ‘bagged’ suspension will be fitted to this wide body Aventador by LB Performance too, so it can ride really low on those magnificent black wheels … in full Liberty Walk style the tires get a painted on logo while the rear lower diffuser is just that little more aggressive now.

There are several ‘LB Works’ decals on the car, and the ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’ on the door says it all … but one decal actually spills the beans ahead of the SEMA show if you ask me … it says ‘LB Aventador Works’ on the side, so if you ask me this will be another limited edition production model like the Murciélago before … will it be also 20 units … or less, remains to be seen … we’ll have to wait for the 2014 SEMA show in November.