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Many of us know Mansory as one of those over-the-top tuners that turn already expensive luxury cars, supercar, and SUV into bespoke, even more expensive, wide-body specials, and while I do admire their workmanship from what I’ve seen at auto shows, I have to admit their design is sometimes a little too much.

Some people really don’t like what Mansory does to the current Lamborghini models, and while I liked their Venatus shown at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, a one-off based on the Urus, I sometimes wonder who orders some of the specs I’ve seen on their Venatus Widebody production kit … like this yellow one that was listed for sale a while ago, that was a serious overload of yellow.

But I came across a different kind of kit Mansory offers on the Lamborghini Urus Super SUV, they call it the ‘Soft Kit’, and it actually looks rather nice from the official photos they published. It’s not completely crazy but comes as a selection of clear carbon fiber add-ons to be fitted to the Urus without wide fenders or massive air intakes and vents.

Urus mansory soft kit 2

It seems the most special parts of the Mansory Soft Kit are the front splitter add-on and the rear diffuser replacement, both in clear carbon fiber with a glossy finish, do keep in mind that the rear bumper/diffuser replacement from Mansory is available for the Urus with or without the Urban Road Assistant, and with or without the towbar.

If you fit the Mansory rear bumper replacement you can either keep the factory original exhaust tailpipes or fit a set of stunning, angular styled, aluminum tips. While you can add side skirts in carbon fiber too, replace the wheel arch extensions, door inlay, front bumper insets … all made from carbon fiber with a glossy finish.

Urus mansory soft kit 5

To really complete the look of the Mansory Urus Soft kit you can add a more aggressively styled air vent on the front fenders, with Mansory script naturally, instead of the original Tricolore flag. A carbon fiber cover for the rear air vents is also available from Mansory … among several additional options for the Soft Kit.

It all depends on just how far you want to take the look of your Lamborghini Urus, and how much money you would like to spend on it … like the Venatus front hood with the large air vents, it can be fitted separately too it seems, Mansory even offers the vented front fenders in a ‘narrow-body’ style for the Soft Kit.

Carbon fiber covers for the exterior mirrors are listed too, as are a set of vent inserts to fit underneath the taillights, or a Mansory script between those taillights, or how about a set of ‘canards’ for the side of the front bumper.

Urus mansory soft kit 6

We wouldn’t be talking about Mansory if you couldn’t add some rear wings to your Lamborghini Urus, and in this case, a set of three wings is possible, a small ‘ducktail’ wing on the rear hatch, a larger Performance wing that fits over the previous ducktail, and a third one at the edge of the roof … just for good measure.

If you want more than just looks, fear not, Mansory has you covered … a sport exhaust, downpipes without cat, also available with a 200-cell cat (for export only), that will cover the sound … still not good enough?

No problem, add the Mansory Performance box, which is a plug-and-play ECU controller that adds 50 PS and raises the top speed by 20 km/h. But an even better option is the P745 kit, raising power to 745 PS … or the top-of-the-line P820 kit, which boosts power to 820 PS for the Lamborghini Urus.

Mansory offers multiple wheel designs for the Lamborghini Urus, the Y.5 light-alloy one in 22-inch, with 285/40 22 and 325/35 22 tires, or the YN.5 forged wheel that comes in 24-inch that goes to 295/30 24 and 355/25 24 rubber … the Veneno Raze inspired Mansory CV.7 is also possible for the Urus in 24-inch.

Urus mansory soft kit 7

For the interior, you can turn to Mansory to completely modify it to your taste, or just get a custom steering wheel and some carbon fiber trim to be added, Mansory race pedals are possible too, as are velour floor mats for the front and rear passengers, they even list a matching mat for the luggage compartment.

All these carbon fiber parts from Mansory come with a glossy finish as standard, but if you prefer a satin finish they can offer that as an option too …