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You probably already noticed the brand new 100th Anniversary Roadster has been added to our Virtual Car Configurator little over a week ago, but I haven’t been sitting back since … two new models have been added now, the V10 2WD and the 2WD Spyder … and while the latter is completely virtual at the moment, I’m sure we’ll be seeing this model on the road later on.

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While I was programming the code and creating the required graphics for these two new models I decided it was time to update the interior view on all the V10 configurator pages, this required a lot of extra work, but it allowed me to add an option I wanted to create for a long time now …

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Ever since I saw the first Spyder with the optional Q-Citura stitching on the seats and door panel I wanted to have something similar in my VCC … and now I finally was able to create that very special stitching pattern … meticulously designing every stitch required for this pattern was worth it in the end, I think it looks amazing, and what’s more, I also added contrast stitching on a few shades, so when you select a different shade for the seat and sides, you can have the stitching match that look.

Another addition I created during this update is a new aerodynamic package, complete with front spoiler, side sills, rear lower diffuser and rear wing … and on all four different V10 models this time, even on the Spyder version.

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If you are a fan of racing stripes you will really appreciate the next update, I created a pair of stripes running from front to back for the V10 models, and not only in black or red, but also in orange, yellow, green, white, grey and blue … just in case you want to see how that would look.

To complete this update of VCC I improved the look of the black Giano wheels and the Giano wheels with the polished ‘holes’ … but I also added a completely new wheel, a black center lock version … naturally with different shades on the nut.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new material and are able to create your very own dream online with VCC, the Virtual Car Configurator.