Marcel De Lange – Memorial Meeting

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Marcel de Lange passed away on October 30. 2006. This Dutch based Lamborghini enthusiast contributed massively to the Raging Bull community over the years, he attended most of the Lamborghini events worldwide and was often seen at the factory, were he became close friends to the most important people at Sant’Agata.

His knowledge and collection of photographs on Lamborghini are probably unsurpassed, he could easily be called a walking Lamborghini encyclopedia, registering chassis numbers of most of the cars he photographed during his travels, and visits to the most exotic automotive factories in Europe.

His passing at such a young age came as a massive shock to all Lamborghini enthusiasts who knew him, I’ve personally met Marcel several times, both during events and at the factory, always ready to share his knowledge on these amazing cars, I don’t think there was a single Lamborghini question he couldn’t answer.

I am confident to say that this was an important loss to all Lamborghini enthusiast, but I’m also sure that his massive wealth of knowledge and devotion to the Lamborghini make will always be remembered … and one way to show tribute to this rather unique personality is by having a memorial.

And that’s exactly what some Lamborghini owners in the Netherlands put together, a gathering of Lamborghini that would come together in Rotterdam, were Marcel lived, and take a scenic drive right down to the famous circuit at Spa Francorchamps, were I joined them on Sunday.

Some really interesting Bulls showed up, two nice white Countach models, one QuattroValvole and one LP500 S, joined by a black LP500S. But also a classic Jarama S and a stunning black Gallardo. But also some other makes were there, a very rare Bugatti EB110 SuperSport finished in the well known Bugatti blue, and a really nice Porsche.

About 6 pm they were allowed to take a spin on the circuit, but unfortunately a thunder storm came over right at that time, but still it was a great experience, and a nice way to show tribute to a man that contributed to the worldwide Lamborghini community