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I’m from the Countach generation, my scale car collection started with a 1/18 model of the Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole, and I had a poster of this model on my bedroom wall … the Countach started my interest in Lamborghini as a make back in the Eighties, so it will always have a special place in my mind.

Today a Lamborghini Countach has become a valuable collector’s item, especially the original LP400, which demands a 7 figure investment to add to your garage, with only 150 units made in the Seventies, this is the rarest of them all, with the Countach S (235 units), and Countach LP500 S (323 units) following closely.

Probably the best known Countach model is either the Quattrovalvole (610 units) or the 25th Anniversary edition from the late Eighties, which sold the most with a total of 657 units, but the latter had different styling that isn’t liked by everyone, and personally, I also prefer the QV edition that retained some of the original styling since the S model was introduced, the angular style was still present.

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So when I saw the Karbon 01 concept on Behance, created by Karan Adivi, a designer from India, taking the classic Countach Quattrovalvole into the 21st century, I was intrigued, to say the least … I rather like widebody conversion, not all are done with the same attention to detail, but this Karbon 01 is so wide, it’s almost a Le Mans race car in overall looks.
Karan wanted to visualize an extreme makeover of his favorite cars, and just like me, he likes the Lamborghini Countach a lot, so he took this model to create his first Karbon concept … he replaced the Countach body with a full carbon one, and added modern design elements inspired by current Lamborghini models but in keeping with the 80’s design language.

Countach karbon 11

So on the outside, we find massive rear wheel arch extensions over extremely deep wheels, new taillights in a LED design similar to the Aventador lights, the central part between the taillights reminds me of the Veneno, while those dual, triangular exhaust tips take me back to the Sesto Elemento … no massive rear wing on the Karbon 01 however.

At the front we still see the pods from the headlights on the Countach, the glass cover over the turn signals has been replaced by a carbon one, and from these renders it isn’t clear if these are still pop up units, or not. But there are additional LED lights in the front bumper, so not sure you would still need to have pop up lights anymore.

Countach karbon 15

On top of the wider front fenders, we also find air vents, while the lower front spoiler, which is very low on this Karbon 01 concept, holds a multitude of intakes … side sills don’t seem to be added, but a massive, horizontal stabilizer is fitted ahead of the rear wheels. And talking about the wheels, personally, I would have opted for a more modern design.

Inside the Karbon 01 we notice seats that seem to be taken from the Sesto Elemento, while the angular dashboard from the Countach remains, it even seems we’re looking at a manual gearbox for this futuristic concept, apart from the fact a real Lamborghini Countach has become too valuable to transform into a Karbon 01 in real life, I must admit, I rather like the idea … just imagine putting a Countach style body on top of an Aventador chassis … a kind of restomod Lamborghini …