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I think Kato-san, or Wataru Kato is he is called officially, isn’t unknown to car aficionados like us, after all he is the founder of Liberty Walk, what started out as a used car dealership in Nagoya, Japan it has grown into a tuning company with a worldwide market in a matter of years.

In fact the Liberty Walk car dealership is just on the other side of the road to the main shop and showroom, in the east side of Nagoya city … you really can’t drive by without noticing the impressive range of tuned exotics and special Liberty Walk cars … even on the car dealership the show cars are sitting low on massive wheels … this isn’t a small enterprise, that’s for sure.

And the workshop isn’t even near this showroom, in fact you’ll have to travel by car to this almost private body shop in Nagoya, where the Kato-san magic happens and true Japanese dream cars are created … it might be small, but at any time there are a lot of exotic cars being worked on, and transformed into LB Works specials … like the brand new LB-R Fighter Works F/N05 based on the Lamborghini Aventador.

While an Aventador LP700-4 is already a dream to own for many of us, Kato-san just wanted to put his kyusha roots style on the Italian pure-bred … which involves cutting the fenders on a $400,000 car to add a $30,000 kit, once the metal cutter goes into the bodywork of this Raging Bull there is no way back … only forward, until you end up with an Aventador by LB Works, complete with wide fenders and very low riding height.

But this time Wataru Kato wanted to go one step further, so he created an entire line of ‘Zero Fighter’ inspired cars, like a Porsche, Nissan GTR, BMW and Aventador … all with wide body kits and finished in matte grey to make them look like fighter planes … and which Japanese fighter plane is better known than the legendary Zero?

So you take a standard Aventador LP700-4, cut the fenders and install wide wheel arches, adding 30mm up front and 70mm at the rear. Install a very low and deep front bumper with larger air intakes, a set of side sills just to make things look even better, a lower rear diffuser with massive vertical fins for stabilization and let’s not forget that impressive GT race wing at the back … with those big struts that need a reinforced rear panel on the Bull just to make sure the wing doesn’t break away at speed.

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Add a quartet of Forgiato Maglia ECL wheels, in a carbon fiber finish this time, measuring 9×20 on the front and 13×21 inch at the rear, put some Pirelli P Zero Nero tires on those, 255/30 ZR 20 and 355/25 ZR 21 respectively and all that is left is installing that special AirREX suspension to put this Lamborghini so low to the ground it wouldn’t even move in a hurricane. Being the latest, digital model from AirREX you can use a remote control to raise and lower the car on demand … adding a little ride height might be a good idea if you want to take this 700hp Bull onto the road.

Now we all have seen this style before, the wide body Aventador by LB Works has been built a few times already … but not with a Japanese fighter plane inspired wrap like this one … in fact this model also received a different name: LB-R Fighter Works by LB Performance and LB-700 F/N05 decals are found all around this matte grey wrapped Lamborghini.

Also red arrows and ‘Air intake’ warnings complete the fighter plane atmosphere, the yellow circle around the parking sensor just add that little extra attention to detail … or how about a ‘Torque all over fender attachment bolts 15 to 20 inch lbs’ decal on those wide wheel arches and an arrow with 35psi above the tires to inform you of the ideal pressure? Naturally there are decals from companies that have parts on this LB-R Aventador put everywhere, Artmania up front, or Pirelli, Forgiato, LB Performance and Made in Japan on the air intakes, or AirRex on the fenders and Fi Exhaust on the rear bumper … just above the custom ‘Frequency Intelligent Exhaust’ in fact.

What is really impressive about this style is the fact they used small airbrush touches to add ‘streaks’ on strategically chosen spots all over the body to make it look like she was in a high speed battle high up in the skies … just look behind the front wheels … that’s what happens when a plane lands … the rubber hits the tarmac and leaves streaks like this on the body … just awesome.

Now you may not like this style of tuning on the Lamborghini Aventador, the idea of cutting into the fenders of a $400,000 car like this might make your stomach turn … but Kato-san is all about having fun and being happy … and judging by the number of LB Works cars we’ve seen on the streets lately and the large amount of boxed being shipped out of Nagoya these days I guess a lot of high end exotic car owners feel the same…