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The Lamborghini Murciélago 6.2 was introduced as the successor to the Diablo back in 2001 and was built up to 2006 when the LP640 evolution took over the reign as the Lamborghini V12 flagship, only to pass it on to the LP670-4 Super Veloce in 2009 … the era of the Murciélago came to an end in 2011 when the Aventador replaced it at the top of the Lamborghini range.

But to be honest the Murciélago doesn’t look too dated, even after more than 10 years the original, angular design of this model looks decent, I wouldn’t go as far as stating it looks fresh, but it sure doesn’t look like a car that is a decade old by now … and if you happen to own one you can always take it to one of the more renowned tuners around and have it updated a bit.

Give the lady some tender love and attention and setting up a cross country collaboration between Inspired Autosport and SR Auto Group in Canada is just what the doctor ordered … the specific Murciélago on this page was the result of the minds from both Inspired Autosport and SR.

Outside we are blown away by a shadow black monotone look mostly achieved by wrapping the car in 3M vinyl, making the Bull look a bit discreet, even the headlight covers and taillights received a touch of black and naturally the side windows are heavily tinted … this car also had the red and orange side lights mounted … so they became tinted too naturally … everything about this Murciélago was pulled into the same line.

To make this Bull really stand out the owner received custom built PUR 1NE monoblock wheels … in a black finish, what would you expect, and even the brake calipers don’t bring a touch of bright color into the equation, they are mat black too … this is looking like a real predator in this shade.

Note these wheels from PUR actually hold the factory original crests in the center, how’s that for attention to detail from the people at PUR, the 1NE deep concave design actually gives the impression of a black hole when driving … a perfect fit for this mat black Raging Bull.

Inside we discover black leather seats, dashboard and steering wheel … but the door panels are a light grey shade, would be nice if these were black too I think, that would really make the package complete.

By they way … did you notice the exhaust? Now that’s no factory standard unit anymore, the exhaust comes from Tuby and is part of their Race style system … the sound is almost alien, and the gold, yellowish tint looks really beautiful … imagine they would finish the exhaust in heat resistant black paint too?

To complete the Inspired Autosport Project Comandante they teamed up with 360 Motorsport and SR Auto Group … the result speaks for itself I guess.