Lamborghini Murcielago LP2000-2 Super Veloce Twin Turbo – Guide

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Take a look at ‘The Stig’ … that’s right, Covert Tuning Dynamics have created a rather special Lamborghini Murciélago, finished in a satin matte white bodywork combined with the usual clear carbon fiber parts as found on the base car, the LP670-4 Super Veloce … this Raging Bull has the same color scheme as the famous Stig test driver.

Now what makes this white Super Veloce different from any other LP670-4 out there? Brute force!

You’ve red it right, this car is claimed to put no less than 2000 hp … on the rear wheels only, as Covert Tuning Dynamics converted this four wheel drive system into a rear wheel drive system only. It took them four years of development and over 3000 man-hours to complete … but their LP2000-2 SV TT is now a fact … a static fact, but still the car exists.

David Wiggins, founder and CEO of Covert Tuning Dynamics gave an interview during the unveil of this car in the Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee Hangar, talking about the details and ideas behind this mammoth with more power any normal tire can stand … but he is confident it will all work … in the end, as at the moment the ECU from the car is missing due to recent regulations, which keeps the team at CTD from starting the car and getting some actual dyno testing done.

So for now we only have a statement of 2000 hp in a Super Veloce with rear wheel drive only, and from the interview we learn that the bodywork is about the only thing that is still made in Italy, just about everything else has been rebuilt, redeveloped and modified to higher standards so it will be able to stand the massive power increase from 670 hp to 2000 hp.

So how did CTD accomplish this power increase? Naturally David Wiggins isn’t giving it all away, but from what we can see we are talking about custom-built plenums milled from a solid, billet aluminum section, almost twice the size of the original intakes used by Lamborghini. Next up are the throttle bodies, instead of 62mm in diameter CTD mounted 102 mm units, one on each side of the custom plenums thus increasing air-flow tremendously.

Using custom-built cold air intakes 5 inches wide to direct cool air directly into a pair of GTX4294 turbo units, after which we get an exhaust system … 12 inches long! That’s right, the turbo are already at the end of the engine and run straight into the exhaust, with hexagon tips to keep in style with the hexagon grilles at the back.

The intercooler sits in-between these exhaust pipes, complete with velocity stacks for the charge pipes … and to make things even more impressive, CTD actually ‘sleeves’ the V12 engine, according to Mr Wiggins they are the only company out there that sleeve a Murcielago engine.

To cope with all this power CTD has custom built the clutch and has reprogrammed the launch control system … all 100% proprietary parts now, keep in mind initially this car was to become an LP1670 Super Veloce, but during development is was calculated it would deliver up to 2000 hp in total, hence the LP2000 name.

Also note Covert Tuning Dynamics was able to remove 550 pound of weight from the Super Veloce, compared to the Murcielago LP640 this LP2000-2 lost 770 pounds … this comes down to an overall weight of around 2900 lbs (1316 kgs)  for 2000 hp, which is a stupendous equation in power to weight ratio, you should really know what you are doing behind the steering wheel of this one or you’ll be doing donuts for a minute and subsequently blow those massive rear tires.

To achieve such a large weight CTD removed the original sound deadening and carpets, a rear wheel drive conversion and replacing the original battery with a custom made Lithium unit weighing in 55 lbs less than the original one.

About tires, this Bianco Canopus Raging Bull received a custom made set of ADV.1 wheels in a nice 19 inch size, finished in highly contrasting matte black paint, up front we see 265/30 ZR 19 tires while at the rear these grow to wide 345/30 ZR 19 shoes. Behind these wheels you’ll find color coded brake calipers, at the rear even the parking brake caliper was painted in the beautiful Bianco Canopus shade to match the rest of the bodywork.

At the rear the carbon fiber already comes in a satin finish on the factory original Super Veloce, but CTD also painted the Lamborghini script at the back in matte black and even the taillight tint is matte black … If you take a closer look you’ll encounter some more details that are different to the original car, like the fuel door, it is now a custom made, matte carbon fiber finished unit by MACarbon, the first one ever for the Murcielago according to Mr Wiggins, and while they were doing custom work anyway Macarbon also created the first matte carbon fiber rear view mirror housings for this car.

Inside you’ll find carbon fiber air vents, a full race specs, six point roll over cage wrapped in carbon fiber so it blends in nicely with the firewall behind the seats … which is one large piece of carbon fiber naturally, what else? I love it when David Wiggins mentions there is no other Murcielago out there that is as stiff and capable of handling this much power … as the Reiter Engineering R-SV!

The roll over cage actually extends into the engine bay, all the way to the back where a strut is welded in place horizontally to make the car almost flex free. When it comes to heat shields, this car is apparently a test bed for material CTD is developing for Nasa, so he couldn’t go into details yet, but it should be conducting heat in a very innovative way.

Note that the original speedo that goes up to 220 mph has been replaced by a custom made unit that stops at 330 mph … just to be on the safe side I guess (that’s 531 Km/h !?) with an rpm redline raised from 8250 to 9250 rpm.

Just in case you get bored of the symphony this V12 makes, CTD went all the way with a custom sound system using a Kenwood main unit coupled to Focal speakers … the crossover is mounted inside the door by the way … this is actually a dual purpose car. One minute you can be leading the pack on the race-track … while minutes later you take her into town and dine at that amazing restaurant, in which case some music would be appreciated.

Convert Tuning Dynamics is about engineering transformations, not just bolting on a twin turbo system, adding some boost and call it a day … CTD wants to put together an entire package and create one of a kind cars with a very personal signature, not just another tuned exotic.

This particular Lamborghini is called the Stig by Covert Tuning Dynamics, other call it the ‘Ultimate Super Veloce’ and if the 2000 hp claim can be substantiated with actual dyno sheets I’m sure this will become a reference out there … only remains to be seen how the parts and tires will keep up with this incredible power increase.

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