Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster GTR (IMSA) – Guide

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What if the Murciélago LP640 Roadster just isn’t enough to your likings ? You’ve seen it all, and you neighbor drives a similar car so you just have to figure something out to draw attention to yourself and your Raging Bull the next time you park next to it.

A great way to be the center point of interest is turning your ‘standard’ LP640 into a GTR made by IMSA GmbH in Germany, even better, a GTR Spyder which is based on the Murciélago LP640 Roadster.

The orange metallic car on these pages is the first Roadster to be turned into an IMSA GTR Spyder, and you must admit that it looks just gorgeous, intimidating from every angle and screaming speed and aggression from every air intake or outlet.

And there are plenty of those around, the massive front spoiler has been replaced with an IMSA unit featuring some amazing, shark style louvers on the sides in front of the wheels, it even features air outlets at the top of it.

Talking about the front wheels, these have been replaced by massive wheels named ‘Ultimo’ and finished in high gloss black on this car, the widened front fenders now also house some stunning Carbon Fiber outlets at the top, a very racing style detail.

IMSA GmbH continues the Carbon Fiber treatment on the side skirts and for the stunning rear wing mounted on this Raging Bull, even the under body diffuser is finished in this high gloss material now, all very nicely contrasting with the bright orange bodywork on this car.

And the IMSA GTR Spyder isn’t all about looks, the exhaust pipe may look like the original one, but it surely isn’t, for one it’s sound can be controlled remotely, from a low growl while driving within the city limits to a thundering howling that wouldn’t be out of place on the track to be honest.

If the sound won’t impress you, take a look at these figures : a total of 708 Bhp that will make this orange GTR Spyder reach 100 Km/h in a mere 3.3 seconds before going for a top speed beyond the magical 350 Km/h mark … how’s that for a Saturday night out under the stars ?

This might very well be the closest you’ll ever get to a street legal Murciélago R-GT, but don’t forget there are many tuners out there these days, even Reiter Engineering themselves, the builders of the original R-GT now offer a street version of their race car, however this orange IMSA GTR Spyder sure looks good … I would find it difficult to decide between all of them. However why not a closed R-GT street version from Reiter and this convertible version from IMSA, that way you’ll have the best of both worlds.