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I’m sure you’ve heard about PUR wheels before, this company has been creating some of the most beautiful custom wheels for high end automobiles for some time now, and one of their most impressive wheels would have to be the Design 6IX model … in the mind-blowing Rose Gold shade.

PUR describes these specific wheels as ‘Created for a select few, this visionary design is reserved for the extraordinary’ … I couldn’t have said it any better. Sure this high gloss Rose Gold finish would not fit just about any car out there, but on this specific Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce finished in a nice Bianco shade these wheels fit in perfectly.

Available in a multitude of widths and ranging from 19 to 22 inch tall I’m sure these can fit a series of super cars, but it does take a special kind of owner to opt for such an extreme wheel … you might wonder about cost … well ‘if you have to ask’ …

Naturally these wheels are built to order specifically for your own car, so a price can’t be put on them without getting in touch with and requesting a quote for a set that will fit your Raging Bull just as nicely as it does on this white Super Veloce