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The 2011 Geneva Auto Show is still several weeks away, but Automobili Lamborghini SpA is once again giving a few details away on the Murciélago successor that will be introduced to the public in March.

This time they talk about the innovative suspension used on the Aventador or LP837 as it is called internally for now, for the first time in a normal production car a pushrod suspension is used, usually seen on Formula One cars, but now also mounted on the new Lamborghini flagship.

Couple this with a double wishbone suspension and carbon ceramic brakes mounted on the already lightweight chassis for the new Lamborghini and you get a truly unique concept in this high performance, street legal super car made in Sant’Agata.

There is also a new steering system that will make you feel right at home when seated in the new Lamborghini, the suspension is a perfect balance between race car roadholding and street comfort so you’ll never get tired of driving this amazing Lamborghini flagship.

The Lamborghini Aventador offers a new development V12 engine putting 700 Hp on the road, add to this the lower weight of the car and you will understand this new machine means business, top speed will be very high, but with the pushrod principle the suspension offers precise and perfect road holding. Because the wheel control and damper are no longer coupled to each other the new Lamborghini can offer increased comfort by using less rigid springs while still maintaining ultimate precision.

At the front they installed an hydraulic system that will lift the entire front section up by 40mm to be able to get into your garage without scratching that beautiful front spoiler.

The suspension parts are machined from forged aluminum alloy while the disc brakes are carbon ceramic composite, 400mm at the front and 380mm at the rear using six and four calipers respectively, an electrically powered parking brake on the new flagship is standard fit.

Even the steering system has three different settings on this new Bull, including a ‘Corsa’ setting for those track day outings, besides, putting 255/35 19 wheels in the right direction for those massive 335/30 20’s at the rear to follow might not be as easy as you might imagine.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA is still very silent about styling of their new flagship, several renderings have made it onto the internet, but nothing official, all we know from those who have already seen the car and been behind the wheel is that is looks stunning, a true Raging Bull in every sense of the word … a car that will define the super car market for years to come, nothing like we’ve ever seen from Sant’Agata … a new exotic that will force the competition back to their drawing boards to try and come up with something that could rival this Raging Bull …