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At the 2012 SEMA show that has just opened its doors this very special looking Lamborghini Murciélago by LB Performance / Liberty Walk, the well-known Japanese super car tuner, was shown on the Toyo tires stand … they call it the Liberty Walk LB-R Limited Works 20 Murciélago.

Perhaps not everybody will like this wide body conversion created by Kei Miura, but you have to admit it looks really brutal anyway, especially with those rivets to hold the big wheel arches in place … on this specific car they even went for a brushed aluminum look bodywork, making the overall impression even better.

Your first impression might be this is a tuned LP670-4 Super Veloce model, but in fact this isn’t the case, the base car is in fact a 2004 Murciélago, so an original 6.2 liter V12 model that has been massively modified by its owner Kato-San, who also happens to own Liberty Walk/LB Performance.

Now if you know anything about Kato-San and his passion you know he like classic Japanese cars too, which puts an entirely different view on this wide body Murciélago … those wheel arch extensions with their rivet attachment look a lot like those seen on several legendary Japanese sports cars.

This car already had the entire T-02 kit from LB Performance mounted, which includes a new front bumper that resembles the Super Veloce bumper but is in fact very different upon closer inspection, LB Performance additionally puts two spoiler lips underneath it for an even deeper riding stance.

At the back we see a new lower diffuser and a massive rear wing mounted on the rear panel, again the latter might look like the factory original Super Veloce rear wing but the fitting is totally different … still it looks impressive and does the job it is required to do, add the special side skirts into the equation and you end up with a very personal evolution of this earlier V12 Bull.

The T-02 kit has been available from LB Performance for a while now, and several Murciélago have been fitted with it … but Kato-San wanted to drag the Murciélago back into the spotlight it lost a bit to the successor from Sant’Agata … you have to admit the Aventador looks absolutely stunning, and next to an original 2004 Murciélago … well there is no competition, the Murciélago just looks old.

So Kei Miura from TRA Kyoto came into the picture … his almost magical hands created true art on wheels by adding big wheel arch extensions on the T-02 Murciélago kit, with their rough, rivet fitting they make the Raging Bull look like a street legal race car, ready to feast on just about any other car it might encounter on the open road.

With looks like this you might think Kato-San added some power to the Italian V12 engine, remember twin turbo kits are widely available for the Murciélago, DMC has built a V12 Murciélago engine pumping out 800 hp without any turbo already … but with more power comes more responsibilities, and more maintenance … the engine in this first unit of the limited edition run is factory standard, the only upgrade is a purely cosmetically exhaust tip that nicely integrated into the new rear diffuser.

Still Kato-San installed a high performance CSD brake kit on this specific car, nicely visible behind magnificent new rims from iForged, model Equip V3 are mounted in large 8.5×19 -2 size at the front and massive 13×20 -50 at the back, rubber protection comes from Toyo (to be expected as this car was shown on the Toyo stand at SEMA) in the form of Proxes T1R units, in 235/35ZR19 and 345/25ZR20 respectively.

Inside this nr 1/20 is mostly factory stock, which isn’t a bed thing mind you, the combination of bright red leather with black hides works like a match made in heaven inside this brushed aluminum look wrapped Murciélago, still the steering wheel is a custom made item by LB Performance and so are the door sills … you have to do something to make a statement here I guess.

As you might expect, the Liberty Walk LB-R Limited Works 20 Murciélago will be a highly limited production unit, only 20 will be made, and while iForged already supplied 4 sets of rims for this project I do think you’ll have to get an order in quickly if you would like to have one of these 20 wide body kits to be fitted onto your Murciélago.